Shooting Gear

ExtremeBeam M-1000 Fusion Flashlight

M1000 flashlight

ExtremeBeam has added the M-1000 Fusion to their impressive line of flashlights. Designed to be a powerful field light, the M-1000 has a maximum output of 850 lumens, and light settings of high, low, and strobe.

Made with a mirror-finished reflecting cone that is slow cut from a solid bar of high density aircraft aluminum, the light from the M-1000’s 850-lumen HO-LED bulb is able to be tapered into a powerful beam that can reach out to 600 meters. The flashlight head has “cooling fins” to help reduce heat, leaving the flashlight cool to the touch even after hours of continuous use, and the bezel has a “tactical” design for extra protection from impact with hard objects.


Lancer L30 Rifle

Lancer L30

Lancer Advanced Weapons and Components introduced their L30 Series Rifle at the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range.  The L30 is designed to be a larger caliber, precision semi-auto rifle.  The L30 will accept the new L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazines, but will accept other SR25/DPMS style magazines as well.

The foundation of the Lancer L30 is the patented lower receiver design that incorporates an oversized magazine release button, ambidextrous bolt release lever, and a removable magwell extension.  It is the later that really displays the ingenuity of the Lancer engineers, and is a patented advancement to the AR design.  The magwell extensions are precision machined from billet aluminum, with features that will match the lower receiver.  The extensions are made to tolerances that eliminate the potential for rattling when the rifle is fired.


Plano Bone Collector Sportsman’s Trunks

bone collector trunk

Plano recently announced a new line of storage trunks in collaboration with the Bone Collector hunting series.  Named the Bone Collector Sportsman’s Trunks these new containers are designed to provide ample storage and prevent clothing from becoming contaminated by other scents.


The National Rifle Association: Where do you stand?

The National Rifle Association (NRA) perhaps stirs the emotions of the pro-gun and anti-gun proponents like no other organization. On of the latest NRA slogans is “Stand and Fight”, referring to fighting for American citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights. By far the NRA gets most of its publicity, both pro and against, from its media actions and lobbying for pro-gun legislation.

What you may not know is that the NRA does more than just fight for gun rights.  In fact, the political actions of the NRA may be dwarfed when compared to the work done to train and educate Americans on safe gun handling, marksmanship, self defense and more.

Optics and Sighting Systems

New HiViz Fiber Optic Sights

HiViz is one of the companies that has made self-illuminating fiber optic weapon sights very popular among shooters.  At this year’s SHOT Show HiViz announced new offerings in some of today’s most popular handguns.  HiViz combined the durability of their overmolded sights with the versatility of their LitePipes.  Each sight is made of steel, with ramped and serrated sight blade and square profile.

Advancements include a skeletonized sight body that provides the same or greater strength as the overmolded design.  The second advancement is the machined internal LitePipe locking feature resulting in the highest level of reliability and longevity.