Taurus SLIM 708 in .380 ACP

taurus_708_02aThe Taurus SLIM 708 pistol in .380 ACP was one of two new SLIM pistols announced at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The Taurus SLIM 740 in .40 S&W was the other.  The Taurus 708 is modeled on the very popular 9mm SLIM introduced by Taurus in 2009.

The 708 is a compact pistol that holds seven .380 ACP rounds in the magazine plus one in the chamber.  It can be had with a blued or stainless steel finish.  Barrel length is 3.2″ and weighs only 19 ounces unloaded.

The Taurus SLIM 708 has a fixed front sight, with an adjustable rear.  The sights are very low profile, but they are usable.

As with the other pistols in the SLIM line, the frame is polymer and the pistol has Taurus’s DA/SA action with the “Strike Two” capability.  The SLIM has a manual safety – sweep down to fire.  The safety is on the left side of the frame.