Second Amendment Issues

Support for Gun Control at All-Time Low in USA

Support for new gun control laws is at an all-time low according to a Gallup poll.

Down from an all-time high of 60% recorded in 1959, only 29% of the surveyed adults believed that citizens should be banned from owning and possessing handguns. Additionally, 69% of those surveyed outright oppose any ban on handguns.


Ammo Companies Stop Production

Hornady American Whitetail ammo

The shooting world is awash in rumors and speculation.  The rumors I hear range from the obvious to the ludicrous.

I got hit by this weird rumor, that ammo companies have stopped making ammunition, right before the SHOT Show, and have heard it many times since then.  The folks that espouse this one seem to believe that many or all of the ammunition manufacturers have ceased production in an effort to run up the prices of thier goods.  Then, at a later date, the companies will trickle the ammunition stockpiles back into the market at inflated prices.

I suppose this could make sense if you believed the firearms industry was run by a cabal, like OPEC controls the middle eastern oil production.  There are many problems with this theory, including the number of people and companies that would have to be involved, and that many ammo companies are happy to give customers and the media tours of their production facilities.