Barnes Buster Bullets

barnes_buster_bulletsBarnes has introduced their new Barnes Buster line of bullets designed specifically for hog, moose, bison and bear hunting.  The Buster bullets are “heavy-for-caliber” handgun and lever gun bullets that are designed to penetrate these notoriously tough animals.

The Buster line of bullets use a heavy lead core with a thick copper jacket for “minimal expansion, deep penetration and maximum weight retention.”  The bullets will track straight through dense muscle and heavy bone.  Barnes reported that using a T/C Encore, a .45-70 drove straight through a bison, which was anchored on the spot.

The bullets will be available for .44, .45, and .500 magnum revolvers and .45-70 rifles.  The .45-70 bullets (.458” @ 400 grains) are available at the Barnes site now.  The handgun bullets should be available sometime during the middle of the year.  The bullets are designed for deep penetration, especially on potentially dangerous game like bear.  The loads would also be good for other tough critters like feral hogs and the like.  I would expect that these rounds would do quite well against all of the feral hogs that we have here in the south eastern United States.  We seem to be overrun by the darn things.