TAPCO Introduces New AK Magazine: This 30 Round Magazine Looks Indestructible

TAPCO has announced  a new, 30 round AK magazine that looks darn near indestructible. The polymer magazine, designed for all of the AK-47 variant rifles (7.62×39 cartridge), has a rugged exterior, a heavy-duty mag spring, and an anti-tilt follower. The magazine is available in black, dark earth, and olive green. And, they also count as three Section 922 compliance parts.

Like all of TAPCO products, the magazines are covered by a full, lifetime warranty. Plus, the magazines will come with a 90-day inspection period. They don’t meet your expectations, send them back for a full refund.

TAPCO has filmed some of the torture testings they have done on these new mags. I’ve attached one here, but if you are at all interested in these mags, go over to their site and watch them all. They bang these mags off the ground, run over them with trucks, and while inserted in an AK-47, just plain beat the snot out of these things. And they still feed reliably.

I’ve bought a variety of TAPCO products in the past and can recommend them without reservation. At only $17.99 each, they are a real value buy!

Update:  TAPCO updated the AK-47 magazines to address some perceived weakness problems around the lips.  The original magazines were supposed to be good, while the updated mags are supposed to be great.

The MSRP may be $17.99, but I have seen the street prices on these to be closer to $10 each.  I’ve actually seen some sell in bulk for less than that.  With surplus steel mags going for more than $20 in some places, having a few of these TAPCO AK mags on hand seems to be a good idea.  You can have a few of the steel ones for serious business, and then use the plastic for training and recreational shooting.  At $10 (or less) each, it looks like a no-brainer.