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US Palm AK30 Magazine

US Palm is introducing the AK30 magazine, a polymer AK-47 magazine completely manufactured in the USA.  These magazines are supposed to be the toughest polymer magazines ever made for the AK-47 series of rifles.  Whether that is true is not for me to decide, but I am hearing very good things about these ammo feeders.

The 30-round AK-47 magazine uses the polymers developed by Tango Down.  The AK30 magazine also borrows heavily from the design features of the Tango Down AR-15 magazine, including the non-removable floor plate for increased strength, the anti-tilt follower, chromium-silicon spring, and the large waffle-pattern texture on the magazine for a sure grip.

US Palm states the life expectancy on the AK30 magazine is in excess of 100,000 cycles.  This is a lot of shooting, but I expect that I don’t have to tell you that.  How much Wolf can one man handle anyway?

The magazine is a single piece design and does not come apart for cleaning or replacement of parts.  Even though the magazine cannot be disassembled, it is still easy to clean due to the vented follower.  US Palm recommends immersing the magazine in soapy water to clean, then rinse and turn it upside down to drain.

MSRP is $29.95.  These magazines tend to sell at, or very close to, the suggested retail price.  This puts them as being one of the most expensive AK-47 magazines on the market.  Many people are buying metal mags for about half the cost of this one.  A TAPCO magazine goes for about 1/3 the price of the US Palm AK30 magazine.  Granted, this mag offers some features and details not available on some of the other polymer, US made magazines on the market today.

US Palm AK30 Specifications

  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity: 30 rounds
  • Material: Proprietary Polymer
  • Weight: 7.0 ounces
  • Overall Length: 9″
  • Overall Width: 1 3/16″




Magpul PMAG AR-15 Magazine

Magpul PMAG

Magpul is known for producing some of the most talked about tactical gear in modern production.  Whether it is the FMG-9 machine pistol or theBushmaster ACR, Magpul always seems to be involved in the latest, coolest tactical gear.  The Magpul PMAG is no exception.

The PMAG is Magpul’s polymer AR-15 magazine that has proven to be one of the more popular AR magazines on the market.

The PMAG comes in two basic models: standard and MagLevel.  The MagLevel features a clear plastic window on the side of the magazine and a painted magazine spring that allows you to get an approximate round count with the weapon still in the rifle.  The standard PMAG comes in 20 or 30 round versions, while the MagLevel PMAG is 30 round only.

The PMAG has waffle-style texturing on the body of the magazine to enhance your grip.  The body of the mag feels solid, but not too thick.


TAPCO AR-15 Polymer Magazine


There are a wide variety of AR-15 magazines being made today.  Long-time firearm accessory manufacturer TAPCO makes their own polymer AR-15 magazine that they believe meets the needs of many shooters.

Designed after interviewing military members, law enforcement officers, and citizen enthusiasts, the TAPCO AR-15 magazines are solidly built, reasonably priced, have a number of nice design features, and are available in four colors.

img_7003Overall construction of the magazine feels excellent.  The body of the magazine feels very strong.  In fact, as compared to virtually all other polymer AR-15 magazines, the TAPCO seems the most solid.  The follower slides smoothly through the magazine.  There are no noises from the follower or spring when the magazine is shaken (loaded or unloaded.)

The body of the magazine has a wide, waffle-style pattern for obtaining a good grip.

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Tango Down ARC-L AR-15 Magazine Review

Tango Down magazine review

In March, Tango Down introduced a new polymer AR-15 magazine called the ARC-L.  Tango Down took a different approach to the AR-15 magazine, and designed something new that is worth looking at.

Tango Down developed the ARC-L magazine by going back to the drawing board and taking a hard look at ammunition feeding in the AR-15 platform.  Tango Down started with the understanding that 30-round magazines in the AR-15 are curved, yet the magazine well in the AR-15 is straight.

Instead of utilizing a single piece of molded plastic, the Tango Down magazine is a two-part assembly that snaps together (permanently) in the middle.  There are several reasons for this, but the main one is to have a straight portion that is in the magazine well, with a curved portion that is the part extending beyond the magazine well.

Tango Down says by using the two-piece construction they can mix various polymers for different portions of the magazine:

We can also mix materials, impossible with conventional plastic magazines. We can offer transparent lower/high tensile strength upper sectioned magazines that avoid the brittle feed lip issue of all-transparent material construction.

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May Preview

Welcome to May.  This month I have some exciting evaluations planned for you.  Included in this month’s evaluations: custom hearing protection, zombie killing flashlights, and AR accessories.

Hearing protection may not be a sexy topic, but it is a serious one.  For you to keep your hearing and to enjoy a lifetime of shooting, some type of protection is a must.  There was a time that custom-molded earplugs and electronic ear muffs were out of reach for most shooters due to their high prices.  Well, this month, I take a look at some custom-molded earplugs that sell for less than $15 and electronic ear muffs that go for less than $50.

I also have an evaluation of a new tactical flashlight that runs on AA batteries, but throws more than 600 lumens! To describe this light as bright is a major understatement.