Magnum Research MLR22AT Rifle

Magnum Research RifleAhead of the 2012 SHOT Show, Magnum Research announced a new .22 LR rifle called the MLR22AT.  This rifle is part of the Magnum Lite series of rimfire rifles offered from Magnum Research.

The MLR22AT uses a graphite bull barrel which is supposed to be six times stiffer than steel, up to a pound lighter than steel and dissipates heat up to 43% faster than steel.  This rifle has a 17″ barrel and synthetic stock, making a total weight of 4.25 pounds.

The MLR22AT uses the Ruger 10/22 trigger group and magazines.  I admit to not knowing much about the Magnum Lite line of rifles, so I do not know what kind of arrangement Magnum Research (owned by Kahr) has with Ruger for the parts production.  But, it certainly speaks to the quality of the 10/22 rifle.