Red Magazines for the Holiday Season?

Red Lancer Magazine

There is a popular joke that comes up every year around the holidays:

There are only two kinds of people in this world: those that believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie and those that are wrong.*

Die Hard is a great action movie based on a Christmas party that gets crashed by Professor Snape and his squeeze cocker. But beyond this movie, there is a strong association between the holidays and shooting for many families. From putting food on the table for the Christmas dinner to giving your child his or her first rifle, the shooting and hunting sports are closely related to the holidays.

So, to get your shooting in the Christmas spirit this year, Lancer Systems is offering a festive version of its Advanced Warfighter Magazine (L5AWM). The new L5AWM has a translucent red body that really stands out.

Just because these are a fun color doesn’t mean they aren’t a serious magazine. The red L5AWM gets all of the same features that the standard Advanced Warfighter Magazine gets including the steel feed lips, non-tilt follower, stainless steel spring and relatively thin body.

Red AR Magazine

I’ve got a few Lancer Systems magazines and have been pleased by their performance. They have worked in a wide range of AR-style rifles and pistols that I have shot, and I would feel comfortable relying on them for serious use.

According to Lancer Systems, the red L5AWM is only available through GunMagWarehouse and can be purchased by clicking here. It looks like these are selling for less than $20 as I write this.

Full disclosure – I have written for GunMagWarehouse in the past, but do not currently have any financial interest in the company.

*Actually, it’s not a joke. Die Hard really is a Christmas movie.