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New Ruger Gun at 2009 NRA Convention: Another Platform Redefined

(Editor’s note: On May 15, Ruger introduced the SR-556: a piston driven AR-15 style rifle.)ruger_lcr_01

Ruger is really stiring up excitement in the firearms world.  Ruger brought out the SR9, the wildly popular LCP, and the now shipping LCR.  And Ruger isn’t done yet.

At the 2009 NRA Convention, Ruger wil be announcing another new product that will allegedly redefine a platform.  May 15 is the announcement date, but speculation is already running wild.  Here are some of the possibilities…

Polymer Framed 1911

Ruger broke more than a few people’s expectations when it comes to small revolvers, by introducing the part-polymer LCR.  Ruger could do the same with a polymer-framed 1911.


History of the Ruger SR9 Pistol

In 2007, Sturm, Ruger and Company introduced it’s first striker-fired pistol: the SR9. While the gun is no longer in the company’s line-up, it left an impression on the company’s handgun manufacturing that can still be seen today.

This is a brief history of the gun and to what it ultimately led.