KRISS Vector Video

The folks from Laura Burgess Marketing put up a video of the Vector line of firearms from KRISS USA.  Evan McNamara introduces the viewers to the Vector line of guns including the carbine, SMG, SBR and pistol models.  All of the KRISS Vector firearms are chambered in .45 ACP and use the standard Glock 21 magazine.  KRISS also makes a magazine extension, taking the Glock mag to 30 rounds.

The carbine is a civillian legal, semi-auto version of the gun with a 16″ barrel.  The SBR, or short barrel rifle, is similar to the carbine, but has a 5.5″ barrel.  The short barrel requires a Federal tax stamp, which is obtainable by all citizens – it just takes time, money and is a hassle.  But hey, that pretty much sums up dealing with any government agency, doesn’t it?