Smith and Wesson M&P9 JG: Special Edition “Julie Goloski Champion Series” Pistol

Smith & Wesson M&P9 JG

Smith and Wesson introduced the M&P9 JG “Julie Goloski Champion Series” 9mm pistol. This new pistol was designed in collaboration with champion shooter Julie Goloski (now Julie Golob.)

The M&P9 JG features several design changes from the normal 9mm M&P. The front sight is a fiber optic sight for enhanced visibility. The rear sight has been replaced with the Warren Tactical rear sight.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 JG

standard magazine capacity17 rounds
barrel length4.25"
overall length7.63"
weight (unloaded)24 ounces
front sightfiber optic
rear sightWarren Tactical

The M&P9 JG comes with the normal three interchangeable palm-swell grips plus two new grips in bright pink. The new grips are one each of the small and medium sizes. The slide features an engraved breast cancer awareness ribbon. Smith and Wesson will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the M&P9 JG to a breast cancer awareness charity.

M&P9 JG pistol

If you are interested in the M&P9, but not enamored with the pink grips, check out this article on more Pro Series 9mm pistols from Smith & Wesson.  I personally own a M&P 9 pistol (full size) and have gotten a lot of good service from it.  It runs very reliably, is easy shooting and is extremely accurate.  Although I prefer light to medium weight (115 gr – 124 gr) hollow points for self defense, this gun’s accuracy is phenomenal with the 147 grain bullets.

Here’s a video from a YouTube user named “Thetictacman”:


The M&P9 JG pistol has been discontinued.  The exact date the gun was pulled from production is not known. As of the time of this writing, there are no other S&W pistols supporting breast cancer research. It is not know if the company plans on introducing a new cancer awareness pistol.

Although the model number (M&P9 JG) would not need to change, Julie Goloski is now Julie Golob due to her recent nuptials. It is unlikely that this happy event is the reason behind the discontinued pistol. Chances are it is a simple issue of economics. As long as the product is profitable, the company is going to sell it.

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  • Matt

    Looks like a great product that benefits a great charity. My wife will certainly want one.

  • Angela K

    Looks great!! And I LOVE that a portion of the proceeds will go to such a worthy cause.

  • Alfredo Pumariega

    Great idea and superb product. Should have a male version with blue inserts

  • Kim

    My husband just bought me one. So excited! Cannot wait until the 5 day waiting period is up. 2 days to go..

  • admin


    If you haven’t shot an M&P yet, I think you will be pleased. The trigger is nicer than a Glock’s (no hate mail, please…I love Glocks and carry one daily), but has the benefit of adjustable backstraps to make the gun fit you. Plus the sights on this model are better (IMHO) than the ones on my M&P 9.


  • Chad

    Can you get this with a thumb safety?

  • admin

    I don’t think you can get this with a thumb safety. I didn’t see one at SHOT and and I don’t see one listed on their site. You may want to call them directly and get confirmation.


  • Lioness

    This is pure insanity. Only in America. A gun that kills goes to pay for a breast cancer care and the gunmaker sees nothing wrong in promoting it. This is indeed a parallel universe. Hope my comment will get published.

    • Steve Larson

      Pistols are life saving devices. Get over your self please.

  • Richard


    You are mistaken. The gun protects the innocent from the wicked. Trust me, I know.


  • sara allen

    people kill people, not guns. this model has no safety.

  • Charles

    I know this is a somewhat old post but I’m hoping someone who owns one can talk about the concealability of the weapon. It is not exactly compact. My wife uses IWB holsters. Will this model work?

    • Richard


      This is a full-sized handgun, so it is harder to conceal than some other pistols. However, I carry a M&P 9 (normal model) in a Kholster IWB on occasion without any problems. (Kholster review with M&P 9 here.) Everyone is different, so that may (or may not) work for your wife. Good luck.


  • Becky

    Lioness- I am a breast cancer survivor and my mother lost her life to breast cancer. Breast cancer kills more women in teh US, than people using gun to take lives. Do you also think automobiles are pure insanity, since they kill people too (not the people driving them)? I bought one of these guns today, and I am proud to own it. Hopefully the funds donated by the purchase of this gun help find a cure, and will lower YOUR 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer. I wish you the best.

  • Lucy

    Where do I get one of these if I live in Canada?

  • Brooklyn

    I am a breast cancer survivor and I just bought one today. I too hope the funds donated will help find a cure so my daughter and niece will never have to experience breast cancer. I am sorry but in my universe like the gun manufacture I find nothing wrong with this and encourage others to purchase. Your right only in America can we enjoy such freedoms and damn proud of it. Best wishes.