Charter Arms Rimless Revolver Update: 9mm, .40, and .45 ACP Soon

Charter Arms is anticipating shipping the new Rimless Revolver in Spring 2009.

I spoke with their reps at the 2009 SHOT Show.  The Charter Arms reps explained that the revolvers are ready to begin production, but they are waiting on the patent lawyers.  It seems that some of the patents have not been nailed down yet, so Charter Arms Rimless Revolver 2009 SHOT Showbefore they start showing and shipping the revolvers, they have to make sure their design is protected.  Charter Arms had hoped to have everything finished by the SHOT Show, but they have been at the mercy of the patent lawyers and paperwork.

The current expectation is that the revolvers will start shipping in April 2009.  Initially, the Rimless Revolvers will ship in .40 S&W, followed by the 9mm, and then the .45 ACP.   All revolvers should be in the market before the and of ’09.

Charter Arms said the 9mm will also chamber the .380 ACP.

Assuming these revolvers are reliable, they could be excellent backup weapons for law enforcement and citizens carrying concealed for self protection.

From the product announcement on the Charter Arms website:

Charter Arms Rimless Revolver (CARR) will be available in April 2009!

Charter Arms announces an affordable revolver that chambers rimless semi-automatic rounds the same way as a standard rimmed-cartridge revolver.

Now the average gun owner can own an affordable, trouble-free revolver chambered in these popular semi-auto rounds without the need for specialized ammunition clips and a specialized gun.

With the patent-pending Charter Arms Rimless Revolver Round System a round is loaded into the chamber and a specialized spring engages the cartridge’s ejector groove. When the cylinder is opened and the ejector rod operated, it extracts and ejects the fired cases

Available Calibers

Charter Arms will first offer the .40 S&W followed by the .45ACP and 9×19 mm Parabellum (the 9mm Parabellum revolver will also chamber factory .380ACP). All three Rimless Revolvers (9mm, .40 and .45) will be rated for higher velocity +P loadings.


As with the other Charter Arms revolvers, the CARR has an industry exclusive lifetime warranty.

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