Charter Arms Rimless Revolver Update: 9mm, .40, and .45 ACP Soon

Charter Arms is anticipating shipping the new Rimless Revolver in Spring 2009.

I spoke with their reps at the 2009 SHOT Show.  The Charter Arms reps explained that the revolvers are ready to begin production, but they are waiting on the patent lawyers.  It seems that some of the patents have not been nailed down yet, so Charter Arms Rimless Revolver 2009 SHOT Showbefore they start showing and shipping the revolvers, they have to make sure their design is protected.  Charter Arms had hoped to have everything finished by the SHOT Show, but they have been at the mercy of the patent lawyers and paperwork.

The current expectation is that the revolvers will start shipping in April 2009.  Initially, the Rimless Revolvers will ship in .40 S&W, followed by the 9mm, and then the .45 ACP.   All revolvers should be in the market before the and of ’09.

Charter Arms said the 9mm will also chamber the .380 ACP.

Assuming these revolvers are reliable, they could be excellent backup weapons for law enforcement and citizens carrying concealed for self protection.

From the product announcement on the Charter Arms website:

Charter Arms Rimless Revolver (CARR) will be available in April 2009!

Charter Arms announces an affordable revolver that chambers rimless semi-automatic rounds the same way as a standard rimmed-cartridge revolver.

Now the average gun owner can own an affordable, trouble-free revolver chambered in these popular semi-auto rounds without the need for specialized ammunition clips and a specialized gun.

With the patent-pending Charter Arms Rimless Revolver Round System a round is loaded into the chamber and a specialized spring engages the cartridge’s ejector groove. When the cylinder is opened and the ejector rod operated, it extracts and ejects the fired cases

Available Calibers

Charter Arms will first offer the .40 S&W followed by the .45ACP and 9×19 mm Parabellum (the 9mm Parabellum revolver will also chamber factory .380ACP). All three Rimless Revolvers (9mm, .40 and .45) will be rated for higher velocity +P loadings.


As with the other Charter Arms revolvers, the CARR has an industry exclusive lifetime warranty.

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  1. omg. this is good news. I wanted a 45acp revolver for a while, but hated s&w ils and the price tag of old 625’s. I wonder if this can shoot 45 gap.


  2. I think it is very short sighted for Charter Arms to not chamber a revolver in 10mm auto that can also shoot a 40 S&W.

  3. Jesse, I see what you’re saying, but I’m loving the idea of an affordable, revolver-reliable ankle gun that will share ammo with my XD40. Also, it’s a Charter, so the odd scratch or ding won’t be as big a deal as it would be with one of the big boys.

  4. Looks like this news has been out awhile (November 08 according to the 1st post on this I found here), yet I just caught wind of if when I got my NRA magazine yesterday where they did a roundup of upcoming goodies from all the gunmakers. I imagine I’m not the only NRA member who yelled “WOO HOO” at the news!

    I had intended to get a Taurus 9mm snub, but they discontinued it just as I got the urge. I’d kinda like a .357 snub…but I really hate adding another “mouth to feed” caliber wise. And again, I imagine I’m not alone in this economy!

    I hope the system works as promised and these are well-made and reliable. If so, I have little doubt that this innovation by Charter will earn their spot among the “big boys!”

  5. Grumpy Old Man says:

    About time…9mm or .40 back-up revolver…more than great

  6. Great! I have a 9mm and a .380 so this is a great backup weapon. Anyone have any shipping updates?

  7. Will the 45 ACP rimless revolver also chamber the Glock 45 GAP ammo. Have both and would be great to have back-up that takes both cartridges. Can’t wait to get one. Keep up the good work.

  8. One good thing about CHARTER. If it don’t work right they will make it right, in every way. Can’t wait to get my hands on one in the 45 cal.

  9. Chuckster says:

    Long over due. Can’t wait to get one.I have long been a proponent of interchangeabilty between pistol and revolver without moon clips.
    Now here is something you may not know. I have a Colt Detective Special 2 in. stubbie in .32 cal. long colt which also fires .32 ACP without any clips. No the acp does not fall through the cylinder, reason is that the acp, although called rimless does in fact have a slight rim whith holds the rounds, and the colt has an external firing pin that has no trouble contacting the primer.

  10. Any more info on these? I have a Taurus 905 (9mm) and absolutely love it (my ccw carry) but the extractor wont grab the shells. As long as you use factory loads the shells will fall out, I don’t use the stupid moon clips. I would love to have a CCW revolver in 9mm that the extractor actually worked though. I have been following Charter Arms about these revolvers and still can’t find anything. Does anyone else know anything?

  11. Jack Rich says:

    Hmmm…. Charter Arms Rimless Revolver, and he wonders why the extractor won’t “grab the shells”. I wonder what part of rimless he doesn’t understand? Maybe that’s why it was DESIGNED with a full moon clip? Anyone want to discuss rocket science???

  12. Well, my revolver shopping list just got real short. Leave it to Charter Arms to finally come up with a working product. Saving my pennies and hoping this one comes in a snubby !

    About the 10mm. Oh yes, it would be nice, but unless this ammo becomes readily available it will continue to be passed up. I hate the “demise” of ANY cartridge, especially a pistol or revolver cartridge. What about the 357 sig, the 9×23 win, the 38 super …
    The list just goes on and on.

  13. Fred Wilson says:

    Charter Arms is making a big mistake not building these guns to take a full moon clip. I could care less about single loading rimless ammo; I would much prefer a full moon clip like the one I use in my S&W 625. This system allows for a much faster reload and easier carrying of spare ammo. A plus for Charter arms is the market for extra full moon clips.

  14. Jerry Sweitzer says:

    Now July 11, 2010 and still NO product from Charter Arms. Been waiting for one in .45ACP and current Charter Arms web-site states “available early 2010″. One wonders if those patent attorneys went to work on Wall Street prior to the crash!

  15. Mr. Miracle says:

    Come on! Really? In November, 2008, I thought I had hit the jackpot. A Charter Arms in .45 ACP! Sign me up! I have delayed buying, checked websites, waited, hoped, wished, asked, searched, and waited some more. 2009, nothing. Shot Show, nothing. NRA in Phoenix, nothing. Shot Show 2010, nothing. Then, a glimmer of hope, mid July, 2010! Only, now, it’s July 26th, and there is still nothing. After all this time, I have saved enough to buy a 9mm and a .45, with enough left over to buy enough ammo to break them both in. And still nothing. GRRRRRRR!!!! I guess I will have to go buy something in a nice moon clip…….

  16. Now its November. This bites. At the very least one would think good business practice would be to keep your loyal customers updated on what the holdup is and when its expected to be resolved.

  17. Well, it is now earlt December, 2010, and there is nothing on Charter’s website. Is it patent probles or something else. Maybe S & W can revive the 547.

  18. I called them back in September and they told me that any day now they were going to start production and the salesman actually gave me the number to the factory so I could talk to them. He said, the more people that call the factory the bigger bug we put in their ear. So I did and they told me production would start in October…..lot of good my bug did.

  19. Keep your fingers crossed but just got off the phone with them and they are ‘in production’. The lady at the desk said the first shipments should hit stores by the second week of January, 1 week prior to the Jan 18-21 SHOT Show in Vegas.

  20. I recieved this Email from Charter arms on Dec. 28th 2010:
    “The .40 cal will be in prodution in January. Look for the 9mm in early summer of 2011.”

  21. I called Charter arms and spoke to the reps last week. I was advised that the 9mm is now estimated to be in production in 2012.

    • Hi J,

      Yeah, the .40 S&W version is already shipping. I got a chance to hold one in a local gun shop yesterday. It seems very well built and I am looking forward to getting one to test!


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