Ruger Mini-30 Tactical

Mini Thirty Tactical rifle

Ruger announced the new Mini Thirty Tactical rifle today.  Chambered in the 7.62×39 cartridge, the new Mini-30 has a 16 1/8″ barrel, synthetic stock, ghost ring sights, and flash suppressor.  The Tactical ships with one 20-round magazine for this rifle.

Ruger machined scope bases into the receiver, and includes a set of scope rings.  This makes things a lot easier for a shooter who wants to add a scope or other optic to the rifle.  The 7.62×39 cartridge is certainly capable of taking medium sized game, and dropping a nice Leupold scope on top of this will give you good accuracy for taking that white tail.

Compared to the standard Mini Thirty, the Tactical has a barrel that is almost 2.5″ shorter.  This makes the gun a little handier for moving around, which could be useful in a home defense situation or if the Brits ever come to collect back taxes (that might be closer than you think, by the way…)

Additionally, the barrel and receiver are a blued alloy steel instead of a matte stainless steel.  After all, everyone knows a true tactical model has to be black, otherwise it just isn’t operator enough.  The ‘standard’ Mini Thirty rifles don’t have the flash suppressors that the Tactical does.

Mini Thirty Tactical gun

MSRP for the new Mini Thirty Tactical is $921, which is less than the $949-966 price tags on the other Mini Thirty variants.  And no, it is not California legal.

Ruger Mini Thirty Tactical Rifle Specs

model number5854
standard magazine capacity20 rounds
barrel length16.12"
twist rate1:10" RH
stock typefixed synthetic
length of pull36.75"
weight (unloaded)6.75 pounds
barrel materialalloy steel
Specifications on the new Mini Thirty Tactical rifle from Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Update – October 2013

The tactical version of the Ruger Mini Thirty rifle is still being sold, suggesting sales have been good for the company.  The suggested retail price has gone up slightly in the past three years.  MSRP is now at $989.  This makes it only slightly more expensive ($10) than the standard model and $50 less than the model 5853, which has a stainless steel finish and an 18.5″ barrel.

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  • lonnie sarvis

    if the new mini 30 tactical was a 5 or 10 shot clip would it be avalibal in Comy fornia?

  • Nehemiah

    No, it’s the “flash hider” on a detachable-mag long gun that makes it illegal in CA. If the flash hider was replaced with a compensator or removed altogether, then it would be CA-compliant.

    • Richard

      Nehemiah –

      Thanks for checking in. California’s laws make my head hurt, and I can never keep them straight. Feel free to chime in any time.