Ruger Mini-30 Tactical

Mini Thirty Tactical rifle

Ruger announced the new Mini Thirty Tactical rifle today.  Chambered in the 7.62×39 cartridge, the new Mini-30 has a 16 1/8″ barrel, synthetic stock, ghost ring sights, and flash suppressor.  The Tactical ships with one 20-round magazine for this rifle.

Ruger machined scope bases into the receiver, and includes a set of scope rings.  This makes things a lot easier for a shooter who wants to add a scope or other optic to the rifle.  The 7.62×39 cartridge is certainly capable of taking medium sized game, and dropping a nice Leupold scope on top of this will give you good accuracy for taking that white tail.

Compared to the standard Mini Thirty, the Tactical has a barrel that is almost 2.5″ shorter.  This makes the gun a little handier for moving around, which could be useful in a home defense situation or if the Brits ever come to collect back taxes (that might be closer than you think, by the way…)