SIG P226 Mk 25 Special Edition


This special edition of the SIG P226 Mk 25 was on display at this year’s SHOT Show.  The gun commemorates the 50th anniversary of the US Navy SEALs.

As you can see in the photos, the gun has scrollwork and gold inlay on the slide.  On the left side of the pistol’s slide are the words “1962 – 50th Anniversary – 2012”.  On the right side of the slide are the words “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” inlayed in gold.

The top of the slide, forward of the rear sight, is the SEALs insignia and “NAVY SEALS 50”.

SIG SEALs Commemorative

Unfortunately, the gun was in a locked display case and I had to take all photos through the plastic.  The gun looks much nicer than the photos might suggest.

For those not familiar with their origins, the Navy SEALs are teams of special warfare sailors who are widely regarded as one of the most fearsome groups of warriors to every walk the earth.  Formed in 1962 by order of President John F. Kennedy, the SEALs trace their origins farther back in maritime history to the UDTs, Raiders and other unconventional naval units in World War II.

SIG P226 MK25


This SIG P226 Mk 25 pistol commemorates the duty, honor and sacrifice of the Navy SEALs.



Information on the Non-Special Edition Mk25

SIG MK25SIG SAUER is now making a 9mm P226 available to the public that matches the specs of the pistols provided to the US Navy SEALs.  Functionally, the MK25 is a standard SIG P226.  However, Navy specifications require a few changes from the standard P226.

Among the changes in the MK25 as compared to the SIG P226:

  • phosphate finish applied to all internal components (corrosion resistance)
  • engraved gold anchor on slide
  • “true” mil-spec 1912 rail

Additionally, the MK25 comes with three magazines and a card certifying authenticity.  MSRP on the SIG Sauer Mk 25 is $1142.

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