News from the SHOT Show 2014 Edition

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Welcome to the best coverage of all of the new guns and gear at SHOT Show 2014. This is the sixth consecutive year that GunsHolstersAndGear has covered the annual Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

With each passing year, our SHOT Show coverage expands and 2014 is going to be an awesome experience for readers. We will have more people, cameras and articles than we’ve ever had before. You will be amazed by the coverage you will get from us in 2014!

Leading up to the January event, we will post all of the show related information in the pre-show news and rumors section. Farther down, we will have details on all of the new firearms, tactical gear, knives, flashlights, ammunition and other bits of kit being shown on the show floor. As usual, we will be heading out to the Industry Day at the Range, formerly known as Media Day at the Range.

News from the Show

Lancer L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine – Lancer mags are considered the best in the business by many people. New for 2014 are the company’s new 7.62 NATO (.308 Win) magazines. The mags will work in the SR25, SIG716, DPMS 308 and LM308 rifle systems. The magazines will come in a variety of capacities and colors.

MaXbox Gun Rest – This is a cool rest developed in Australia for shooters and hunters. The rest works great off the bench, but also works very well from non-standard shooting platforms like the roof or hood of a truck. The rests are made of dense, closed cell foam, so they seem to be extremely durable.

Mossberg Duck Dynasty Line – Mossberg is “all in” with the new line of Duck Commander shotguns, rifles and pistols. The guns will all have a special camo patterns and come with a bandana using the colors and style of the USA flag.

Diamondhead Polymer Sights – Diamondhead announced new polymer sights for the AR-15. Aaron found the new sights on display at the SHOT Show 2014 and has all of the details here.

Caldwell Mag Charger for AR-15 – If you are looking for an extremely fast way to load AR-15 magazines, the new Caldwell AR Mag Charger might just be the thing. You can dump up to 50 cartridges into the charger, and the device will very quickly load any style mag, including Beta Mags, SureFire 60 and 100 round magazines, and more. It may not be perfect, but it does look very fast.

The Beast from WMD Guns – Is “The Beast” the ultimate in AR-15 rifles? I’m not sure, but WMD Guns did go crazy when building this gun. Nearly every part is nickel boron coated and standard materials were upgraded to more durable ones. The new guns will be sold in 5.56 NATO and .300 BLK calibers, however other calibers will be available via special order in these new guns.

New Danner Tachyon Boots – Danner introduced the new Tachyon GTX boots for 2014. The new boots come in tan and black, have a GoreTex lining to make them 100% waterproof and have a polishable toe. The boots are still very lightweight (like the original Tachyon boots) and are supposed to be very comfortable. I am hoping to get a pair for review later this year, so I will let you know.

SAR Arms 9mm Carbines – We’ve got photos and details on the new 9mm carbines from SAR Arms. These new guns would be listed as SBRs as they only have an 8.6″ barrel. We were not able to determine if these guns will be sold in the USA, or what the MSRP would be if they are.

SAR Arms 9mm Carbine

SAR Arms is showing two 9mm carbines at the 2014 SHOT Show: the 109T and the TE54. Both are AR-style rifles with lowers that are specifically designed to take 9mm magazines. The models shown were semi-automatic.

The 109T has a removable carry handle with a rear sight set for 50 and 100 yards. The TE54 is a flat top version of the 109T.

Both guns have an 8.6″ barrel and are blowback operated. The guns accept 20- and 30-round magazines. The unloaded weight for both rifles is listed as 79.9 ounces.

SAR Arms 109T

No word on if these will be sold in the US or the MSRP.

SAR Arms TE54

New Stag 3T Rifles – Aaron covers the new Stag Arms 3T carbines being introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show. These new rifles will look similar to the existing line of AR-15 rifles from Stag Arms, but they have a variety of new features that many people will like.

Custom SIG Pistols – SIG Sauer was showing a number of custom and commemorative pistols this year. These are some of the more elaborate examples the company had on display. You might be shocked at how much work can go into one of these.

Remington R51 Photos – A lot of people are interested in the new Remington R51 handguns. We stopped by and got pictures of the new pistols. The only question I have is why were the guns MIA from the Media Day at the Range? Remington did not seem to have a good answer.

I.O. Venom – I.O. Inc showed us a prototype of a new 1911 handgun that will go into production in a few months. The new pistol will be made in the USA at the company’s new facility in the Space Coast region of Florida.

IO Venom

A prototype was on the floor of the SHOT Show, and I.O. staff allowed us to photograph it. Please note that the production gun will have higher quality machining and finishing than the prototype.

Two versions of the Venom will be available: one with a Pakerized finish and the other with a Cerakote finish. Both will be chambered in .45 ACP. A final MSRP has not been set, but the company is expecting to sell the guns for about $580.


Taurus View Photos and Thoughts – Want to know how small the new Taurus View is? Extremely small! I would not want to shoot this gun very much or very often. There is barely enough grip to hold onto and the gun is so light it could blow away in a stiff breeze.

Polymer Rhino Photos – The Chiappa Rhino revolvers have been pretty popular since they were introduced a few years back. Having shot one, I can say the design really tames recoil. The company had a polymer version of the gun hidden behind the counter. You had to know who to ask, and we did. This new gun is a .38 Special only.

SIG P320: First Impressions – I was underwhelmed by the new SIG pistol. Too bad, as I was really hoping this would be a home run. Others like the pistol, so make sure you check it out for yourself.

Desert Tech MDR Video & Information – The new MDR autoloading rifle from Desert Tech was shown at the SHOT Show. The new gun will not be ready until 2015, but it looks like this is going to be the bullpup design to beat. Add to the mix an exceptionally reasonable price and the company’s reputation for excellence, and this will be a great gun. Semi-auto and select fire versions will be available.

Desert Tech MDR

The system is still under development, with production expected to start in 2015. While nothing is set in stone, the company has a target price of $2,450 for the .308 Win rifle. Other calibers will include .223 Rem and .300 BLK.

Watch the below video for an explanation of the rifle by a company rep:

Desert Tech Mag Release
The magazine release on the MDR is placed in reach of the trigger finger (and is ambidextrous.)
Desert Tech bolt release
The bolt release is placed in easy reach of the thumb when inserting a magazine.
Desert Techh MDR-c
Desert Tech rifle

Winchester Defender Segmenting Slug for the 20 Gauge – Winchester Ammunition introduced a new segmenting slug at the 2014 SHOT Show. This 20 gauge load uses a 3/4 oz slug that breaks up on impact, forming a devastating wound profile. These pieces form three distinct wound channels, with the intent of causing rapid incapacitation.

Winchester segmenting slug

Below is a video showing the new Defender Segmenting Slug in action:

I’ve always felt that the 20 gauge shotgun makes a great home defense weapon. I’ve got mine loaded with #3 buck. However, this load looks like a winner. I hope to put hands on some and see how it works for myself. If it functions reliably, this could be my new home defense shotgun load.

Miller Precision Arms 300 Win Mag AR – The new MPA300 is the first and only AR platform rifle chambered for the .300 Win Mag. This new rifle was on display and available for shooting at the Media Day event here at the SHOT Show 2014. Did we shoot it? Hell yeah. Click the link to read the full report and see all of the photos.

Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380 Review – If you like the original Bodyguard 380, but wanted (or needed) it do be available without the integral laser, then this gun is for you. The pistol shoots and operates much the same as the first gun, but without the laser. We got a chance to shoot it at Media Day at the Range. It performed well.

Slide Fire Bump Sled – Definitely one of the more fun things to shoot at Media Day was the new Bump Sled from Slide Fire. Essentially, you flip an AR-15 upside down, stick it in a special machine gun chassis and it is time to legally rock and roll. I don’t know if it has a practical application this side of a zombie invasion, but it was worth shooting.

Slide Fire Bump Sled

Watch the video below for more information and to see the system in action.

No ship date or pricing information is available yet. This might not even see full production, but I’m sure there will be people who line up to buy one.

As Randall of ThinBlueFlorida said, this could inspire a whole new class of Picatinny rails and optics for magazine bases.

Slide Fire Bump Sled
Slide Fire Bump Sled

Glock 42 Review – We got a chance to shoot the Glock 42 at Media Day. Most of the people shooting it really liked it. It shoots very well, felt like a thin Glock and had minimal recoil. We would like to see a 9mm version introduced very soon, but if you like the .380 ACP, you will definitely like this pistol.

Pre Show News and Rumors

Leading up to the annual SHOT Show in 2014, many companies will make early announcements to try and generate interest in their new gun or other piece of gear. Other times, news on a new firearm will leak from a distributor or other insider who has seen early production models. Regardless of the origins of the news and rumors, we will bring you everything we discover and list them here.

Desert Tech MDR – Desert Tech is teasing to the new Micro Dynamic Rifle they will unveil at the 2014 SHOT Show. The new gun is a bullpup style rifle that will be able to swap calibers on the fly. The gun is very compact and lightweight. It looks to be a direct competitor to the TAVOR, so I am interested to see the price.

ATI Scorpion Grips – ATI is launching a new line of grips for Taurus revolvers. These are meaty grips – not tiny little things. They may or may not be good for CCW, but I bet they are comfortable to shoot and will likely make pretty good grips for a home defense gun. What do you think of them?

Smith & Wesson Model 69 – Looking for a Combat Magnum in .44 Mag? It is here and it is called the Combat Magnum. This new revolver is a five-shot, four inch wheelgun on an L-frame. It looks to be a medium weight gun with the classic stylings of the old-school Combat Magnums. Along with the Model 66 (see below), it looks like Smith is betting on a revolver revolution.

Glock 42 Photos – Can’t wait until the big show? No problem! We’ve got photos of the new G42 right here, including a thinness comparison and a field stripped pistol. I don’t know if Glock will make a 9mm version of this gun, but sign me up if they do. In the more powerful cartridge, I think it is an instant winner.

New Taurus Carbines – Taurus will introduce the CT45 and a tan version of the CT40 this year. The guns have been shown at the SHOT Show since at least 2012 (maybe 2011??), but they are now coming to market. Hopefully, a Taurus rep will have more information about them this year. Last year, they had Sgt. Schultz working the floor.

“You guys wanted it” – More information on the new Glock 42. Everything is confirmed at this point, and the Glock community is not resounding with overwhelming approval. This article explains why inprecision in language might have brought a .380 ACP to market.

Smith & Wesson MP15-22 Rifles in Skittle Colors – S&W is expanding the color palette for their rimfire rifles in 2014. These new guns will be shown at the 2014 SHOT Show and will feature a variety of semi-custom camo patterns and colors from Moon Shine Attitude. While the hard-core operator may not like these, quite a few other shooters – especially the younger crowd – might like to have something that stands out.

Smith & Wesson 986 Revolver – This is the second 9mm revolver being introduced by S&W at the 2014 SHOT Show. This is a Pro Series gun: a step up from the regular revolvers, but not hand tuned like the Performance Center stuff. This will be a seven shot handgun with a stainless steel frame and titanium cylinder.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 Review – S&W will be showing the new/re-introduced Model 66 Combat Magnum at the 2014 SHOT Show. The revolver will be built on a stainless steel K-frame and will have the same sights, look and feel as the original. Synthetic grips, not wood, are standard. I have a feeling this one will be a good seller for the company.

The New S&W M&P Bodyguard – Smith & Wesson has done a gun mashup with the M&P line and the Bodyguard 380. The result? The M&P Bodyguard 380. The new handgun will have the functionality of the original Bodyguard with enhancements from the M&P line. This one could be a real winner or a true disaster. Lets hope the company executes on this.

Dan Wesson Guardian in .38 Super – The .38 Super seems to be making a resurgence with new guns being chambered for it from SIG SAUER and now Dan Wesson. The Guardian is a popular 1911-style carry gun with a bobtail and other great features. With nine rounds of .38 Super, it should help anyone get home even if the goblins come out to play.

Dan Wesson Guardian in .38 Super

The 1911-style handguns were introduced in 2010 and feature a bobtail frame and match barrel. Until now, the guns were available in 9mm and .45 ACP only.

The Guardian pistols are designed to be small enough to be carried concealed, but large enough to be a real fighting handgun. As far as 1911 pistols go, I like the look of them, but for $1500 I would much rather have a Glock 19 or Smith & Wesson M&P plus about $900 in ammo to practice with.

Remington Expands the 783 Line – More calibers, camo finishes and even the addition of compact versions of the rifles. Remington has gotten very serious with the new 783 line. I suppose the only question left is will 2014 be the year the 770 drops from the Remington catalog?

FN AR-15 Carbines and Rifles – FN USA will be selling AR-15 rifles and carbines in the new year. The rifles sound like pretty standard stuff with A2 flash hiders and front sights, removable carry handle A4 rear and standard handguards. The carbine will have an M-4 type buttstock while the rifle version will have a fixed buttstock and longer barrel.

Kel-Tec RDB and M43 Bullpups – A mystery wrapped in an enigma might describe the M43 carbine, but the RDB looks pretty straightfoward. Think RFB, but for the .223. The company expects to ship sometime in late 2014. Versions chambered for 7.62×39 and 6.5 Grendel are also expected from Kel-Tec, though these new guns are even farther into the future. Be sure to read my article on RFB accessories for some cool ideas to trick out your rifle.

New Smith & Wesson .460 Revolver – Not a lot is known about this handgun yet, as it was spotted in the promotional video for another S&W handgun. However, it appears to be a Performance Center gun with a much shorter barrel than any factory .460 the company has previously produced. It also has a smooth cylinder.

White Taurus TCP – As an addition to the existing TCP line, Taurus is adding an all-white version and a model with a white frame and stainless finished slide. These guns are likely to be limited in appeal, but it offers more variety in a popular line that already sports black and pink frames.

SIG P320 Pistol – This one is a surprise to me: a striker-fired SIG handgun. The new polymer pistol will compete with Glock and Smith & Wesson for the modern polymer pistol market with the P320. The gun will be modular like the P250, and will be offered in four different calibers and three different sizes. This gun will be one to watch at the SHOT Show.

Smith & Wesson 929 – A large frame 9mm revolver will be one of the new offerings from Smith & Wesson in 2014. This gun has an eight shot cylinder, compensator and looks set up for competition. It comes from the company’s Performance Center, so it should be quite nice. We’ve got a video of it right here.

Glock 42 Revealed – The Glock 42 will be a .380 ACP pistol that will be about the same size as the LC380. It is an interesting choice as there are lots of .380 handguns that are smaller, and 9mm pistols of about the same size. There is a market for it, but I suspect it is smaller than Glock might hope. People still ask for the single stack 9mm pistol. Doesn’t sound like it will be this year.

New Ruger Guns for 2014 – Ruger announced a bunch of new guns that will roll out at the SHOT Show. Some are handguns, while others are rifles. The most interesting one of the bunch is the new LCRx, an exposed hammer version of the company’s LCR. The gun will allow the shooter to cock and fire the gun single action. I suspect this will be very popular at SHOT Show 2014.

Brand New Taurus 85 View Revolver – Taurus might turn heads more for the size of the gun, than the fact that it has a clear side plate to show of the lockwork. This gun will have a very short 1″ barrel and will weigh only nine ounces. Yet it is +P rated and chambered for the .38 Special. This little gun will be a real handful!

New Gun Rumors – Wonder what the next big thing will be at the SHOT Show? We take a look at some of the best rumors including new SIG Sauer shotguns, FN AR-15, a new Glock 380 and more. Weigh in with your thoughts as well.

The New Witness Pavona Pistols – We’ve got all of the pre-show information on these new guns that EAA will be showing in January. They have a certain wow factor, and roll in some practical considerations that may appeal to the female demographic. I’d really like to hear from the women shooters on these.

Polymer 1911 Pistols from EAA – A plastic version of the John Moses Browning classic? That is exactly what it sounds like. This little sleeper could be the big winner from the show this year. The hard part will be keeping them in stock.

Thompson Machine’s New 5.56 Suppressor at SHOT Show – Thompson Machine gives us a sneak peak into the new suppressor they are building for the AR-style rifles. Although the official announcement will come in Vegas, the company published a teaser video here.

Windham Weaponry SRC-308 – A lot of people have been wanting a .30-caliber rifle from the folks in Windham, Maine. It looks like they will get it! Early details on the gun are all here.

.26 Nosler to be at SHOT Show – Nosler is calling this new cartridge the “World’s Most Powerful 6.5mm Commercial Cartridge.” Is it? Sounds like it could be. We’ve got information on it here, but we are still waiting to hear if someone will be making a factory rifle in this caliber.

New Guns & Gear at the SHOT Show Roundup – There are a whole lot of smaller introductions being made. We’ve got the details on them right here. For example, did you know that FN is showing a new PDW-type version of the SCAR? Oh yeah…

Magnum Research Ultra-Compact Desert Eagle 1911U to Make Show Appearance – A new 1911? Who would have figured? Sarcasm notwithstanding, the gun does look like a nice little package. If it runs reliably, demand will likely outpace supply.

Glock 41

The New Glock 41 – A long slide, practical-tactical version of the Glock 21 has been spotted on the internet. Is it real and when will it be released? Check out all of the details in this article, along with information about the rumored Glock 42 – a super, subcompact polymer pistol that people have been wanting for years.

new caldwell products from the show

Long Range Shooting Products from Caldwell – These new products for rifle shooters will be shown at the SHOT Show and will likely be popular in 2014. Caldwell is actually introducing a significant number of new products, and we will try to bring you all of that information from the expo.

New EAA Handguns for Women – EAA showed prototypes of a new line of pistols for women at the NASGW Expo. The guns feature a lighter recoil spring and a wide range of colors. The final products should be ready at the SHOT Show 2014.

Chiappa PolyLite Revolver – The newest addition to the Rhino line of handguns, the PolyLite, uses a polymer frame instead of the steel frame used in the main line. These six shot, 2″ barreled revolvers will be in .38 Special only. Final production models will be at the 2014 SHOT Show in January. I can’t wait to shoot one.

Hornady American Whitetail 12 GA Slugs – After the resounding success of the rifle cartridges bearing the American Whitetail name, the company announced a new 12 gauge slug in this line of ammo. The slug will be shown at the 2014 SHOT Show along with the rest of the company’s new ammo.

Hornady Custom Lite Ammo – This is a new line of reduced recoil cartridges in many of the most popular rifle and shotgun calibers. The Custom Lite loads run between 25% and 43% in recoil reduction depending on the specific caliber. These are a great option for anyone who might be recoil sensitive.

Quad Barrel .22 Magnum Pistol: The Edge Arms Reliant – This is one of the more innovative guns I think I have run across in a while. This gun uses four barrels in a very compact design to give a person a fistful of felon repellant. It is definitely worth checking out even if it is not for you.

New Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun – It looks like Beretta will announce the new 1301 Tactical shotgun at the SHOT Show. The new self-defense-oriented shotgun shares many of the great Competition features, but with a more tactical bend. It has a shorter barrel without the vented rib, for example. (Update: I reviewed the 1301 shotgun here.)

Brand New ArmaLite AR-31 Rifle – News of the new AR-31 rifle from ArmaLite has leaked out, along with photos of the new rifle. This is a bolt action rifle, similar to the AR-31A1, but as a short-action gun chambered in .308 Win. The gun will also accept AR-10B magazines.

Windham Weaponry AR .308 Rumors – The good folks at Windham Weaponry are building a .308 Win chambered AR rifle. The new rifle should be ready just before the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors Trade Show in January. Expect it to be a direct gas impingement rifle with a few nice features and a price of around $1,600.

Armscor to Introduce “Super-Secret” New Duty Pistol – Armscor (aka Rock Island Armory) is readying a new duty-sized pistol for the US market. The gun is being developed with firearms designer Fred Craig. This is one of the new guns for 2014 that we can expect to see at the 2014 SHOT Show.

New Colt Revolvers in 2014? – Colt’s Manufacturing Company is looking at bringing back double-action revolvers back to the shooting market. It has been more than a decade since Colt had these revolvers in their standard catalog. What will be the first back? The Python? Anaconda? Detective Special?

MasterPiece Arms MPAR 556 Pistol – The folks from MPA turned the MPAR 556 rifle into a pistol. The really interesting thing is they added an angled fore grip to the pistol and have a letter from ATF stating that it is not an AOW. Huh! Will wonders never cease? This piston-driven pistol will sell for about $900 (retail.)

New Ruger SR-762 Rifle – Ruger announced a new 7.62 NATO/.308 Win modern sporting rifle leading up to the SHOT Show. The new piston-driven gun is very similar to the company’s existing SR-556 line, but caliber upsized. You want fries with that?

MasterPiece Arms MPA 308BA – One of the first new guns for 2014 is the 308 bolt action rifle from MasterPiece Arms. The rifle has a number of very interesting features, and it looks like it will be a precision rifle. Some of the specs are not yet released, but we’ve got some of the details on this new gun.

Remington & AAC Collaboration on Silencer Ammo – One of the pre-SHOT Show rumors is that Remington and sister company AAC are developing ammo tuned specifically for sound suppressors. There are lots of subsonic ammo on the market, but few loads developed just for silencers.

Remington Compact Handgun Defense Ammo – Rumors suggest this new line of ammunition may hit the market ahead of the 2014 SHOT Show, but with the current shortages, it could be pushed back until January. There is no official word from Remington yet, but we have the insider details here.

Ruger Opening Third Plant – Sturm, Ruger & Co. is in the process of buying a third manufacturing facility. The company’s state purpose is to bring ten new gun lines to the market. Based on the timing and the eagerness of the company to get things rolling, expect to see this plant featuring heavily for new guns in 2014.

NSSF Drops Reed Exhibitions – The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced they have terminated the agreement that had Reed Exhibitions managing the SHOT Show 2014 and beyond. Reed previously managed the show for the prior 30+ years. The main reason for the change was Reed’s stand against certain kinds of firearms that look scary.

Industry Day at the Range: The Death of Media Day? – Is the old Media Day dead? It just may be. The former site now redirects to and they published a new logo. The new logo states “Industry Day at the Range.” Sounds like the whole event is shifting from a news event to a general industry event. More information here.

2014 SHOT Show

New Guns

The number one reason people attend the SHOT Show is all of the new guns. Fortunately, we will have heavy coverage of all of the brand new firearms that will be introduced in 2014. New rifles, pistols, shotguns and more!

Show Facts

The SHOT Show 2014 will be held at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas once again. The show dates will run from January 14 – 17, 2014. The Industry Day at the Range will be held on Monday, January 13.

The show is owned and sponsored by the NSSF, which has created the event 36 years ago as a single trade show to bring all of the shooting, hunting and related industries to a single place. It is at the SHOT Show that all of the retailers, distributors and manufacturers can sit down and do business. Without the show, many retailers would never have an opportunity to examine new guns prior to making a decision on what to stock in the coming year.

SHOT Show 2014 will be a huge event. In 2013, the event set another attendance record with more than 62,000 people participating in the show.  More than 1,600 companies exhibited their products. The trade show floor was covered with an incredible 630k square feet of new guns, ammo and other gear.

The NSSF created this video recap of the 2013 SHOT Show.  If you have never been, it gives you a little insight into the event.

If you are planning to head out to the 2014 SHOT Show, make sure you check out the NSSF page on travel. There are a number of hotels that offer SHOT Show discounts through the NSSF. It is definitely worth checking out these rates before booking your stay.

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