Custom SIG Pistols

Like all major gun companies, SIG SAUER offers a variety of ways to customize your handguns. In this article, I look at some of the custom SIG pistols that have been offered over the years.

Some of these are one-off creations while others have been limited runs that the average shooter could save up his or her pennies and purchase through a special order program.

Artisan Pistols

Every year SIG SAUER displays a variety of custom and commemorative guns at the SHOT Show. At the 2014 show, the folks from SIG brought in a large number of examples that the company’s specialty artisans have created over the years. I photographed many of these, and present a few of them here for you.

All of these are works of art in their own right. However, every single one of these is a functioning firearm. I would not expect that any of these would be fired – anywhere or for any reason – but the reality is that they can be.

In the above photos, you can see the custom SIG SAUER Sam Houston pistol. The Sam Houston had intricate slide details including scroll work and a gold plated trigger and take down lever. Notice that the front sight is a large saddle horn.

An extended beavertail is a popular addition to many trick pistols. On this gun, the extension incorporated a spur similar to those worn by cowboys. You can see that the extension received scroll work on the sides and underside.

Wild bears were the inspiration for this custom SIG SAUER pistol. From the claw marks on the grip panels to the fishing bear on top of the slide, this gun celebrates these magnificent creatures.

P226 X-Five

Custom SIG SAUER pistols don’t need to have the incredible artistry of the above guns to stand out. In fact, some splashy colors might accomplish what you would like for a personalized sidearm. Enter the P226 X-Five series of guns.

Originally, these were offered in the United States starting in 2012. Since then, the company stopped offering them in the USA. However, the X-Five design originated from the custom SIG pistol design team in Europe. Consequently, there were more varieties offers on that continent than were found in North America.

At its core, the SIG P226 X-Five pistol was a highly tuned handgun that was designed for superb accuracy. Regardless of colors and finish, each had a five inch barrel and a single-action trigger. Here in the United States, SIG SAUER offered four different X-Five models.  However, you had to go to Germany to get the really distinctive P226 X-Five models.

The European shooter could get the X-Five and X-Six (6″ versions of the same gun) in a variety of colors and styles including rich blues, bright reds and deep greens. Gold plated triggers and fine wood grips could all be had, along with custom engraving. You could even order a gun with your name engraved on the slide.

Above, a few of the “standard” P226 X-Five and X-Six models available from SIG are shown. For me, the gold plating is over the top, but I do like some of the custom color and finish combinations. The Blue Moon, for example, would look very nice on my hip in a Mitch Rosen holster at the next BBQ.


In 2013, SIG SAUER offered two factory engraved P226 pistols. The handguns featured custom engraved slides, custom wood grips and your choice between two different finishes.

The first pistol was called the P226 Engraved. Although the name was not inspired, the look and feel of the gun felt like the design was. This SIG SAUER engraved handgun featured a black anodized frame with a slide of polished black stainless steel. The slide featured custom engraving and scroll work. The wood grips had a SIG medallion embedded in them. MSRP was $1,289 for this pistol.

The second SIG handgun was called the P226 Engraved Stainless. As one might expect, this pistol was very similar to the black version of the handgun, but with a brighter, stainless finish. The slide was also engraved, but with a natural stainless steel finish – a finish that extended to the frame. The grips on these SIG SAUER engraved pistols were the same custom stocks.

The stainless model had a black hammer, magazine release, decocker and other bits. Interestingly, the photos of the guns showed an accessory rail on the stainless gun only. The black engraved custom SIG SAUER P226 did not appear to have an accessory rail.

Both handguns shipped with SIGLITE night sights. Both guns were available only as double-action/single-action (DA/SA) pistols.

P226 EngravedP226 Engraved Stainless
standard capacity magazine1515
action typedouble-action/single-actiondouble-action/single-action
barrel length4.4″4.4″
overall length7.7″7.7″
weight (unloaded, with magazine)34.4 oz34.4 oz
frame finishblack hard anodizednatural stainless
slide finishpolished Nitron stainless steel, custom engravingnatural stainless, custom engraving
gripscustom wood grips with SIG medallioncustom wood grips with SIG medallion
SIG item #E26-9-BSS-ESME26R-9-SSS-ESM

If anyone has seen one of these pistols in the wild, can you post your observations in the comments below? I’d like to know: how good is the engraving? Does the P226 Engraved (the black model) have an accessory rail like the stainless model?

MK25 Navy SEAL Commemorative

This special edition of the SIG P226 Mk 25 was on display at the 2013 SHOT Show. The gun commemorated the 50th anniversary of the US Navy SEALs.

As you can see in the photos, the gun had scrollwork and gold inlay on the slide. On the left side of the pistol’s slide were the words “1962 – 50th Anniversary – 2012”. On the right side of the slide were the words “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” inlayed in gold.

The top of the slide, forward of the rear sight, was the SEALs insignia and “NAVY SEALS 50”. This was truly the SIG SAUER Navy SEAL 50th Anniversary pistol.

Unfortunately, the gun was in a locked display case and I had to take all photos through the plastic. The gun looks much nicer than the photos suggest.

For those not familiar with their origins, the Navy SEALs are teams of special warfare sailors who are widely regarded as one of the most fearsome groups of warriors to every walk the earth. Formed in 1962 by order of President John F. Kennedy, the SEALs trace their origins farther back in maritime history to the UDTs, Raiders and other unconventional naval units in World War II.

This SIG P226 Mk 25 pistol commemorated the duty, honor and sacrifice of the Navy SEALs.

“Standard” Mk25

SIG SAUER is now making a 9mm P226 available to the public that matches the specs of the pistols provided to the US Navy SEALs. Functionally, the Mk25 is a standard SIG P226. However, Navy specifications require a few changes from the standard P226. Most (all?) of the Navy requirements are incorporated into the civilian version of the Mk25. While not purely a custom SIG pistol, the gun is scarce enough to make it nearly custom. Also, the military version of the gun doesn’t have the gold inlay on the slide.

Among the changes in the commercially available Mk25 as compared to the standard SIG P226:

  • phosphate finish applied to all internal components (corrosion resistance)
  • engraved gold anchor on slide
  • “true” mil-spec 1912 rail

Additionally, the Mk25 comes with three magazines and a card certifying authenticity. MSRP on the SIG SAUER Mk 25 was $1142 at the time it was announced.

Last Update: June 5, 2022