Versa Max Zombie Slayer Shotgun

Had enough of the zombies?  Not yet, I guess, considering The Walking Dead seems to be one of the most popular shows on TV.  Fortunately, Remington introduced the Versa Max Zombie shotgun to help quench the thirst for zombie-related gun gear.

VersaMax Zombie shotgun

The Versa Max is Remington’s newest autoloading shotgun, and in the past couple of years it has become very popular due to its ability to reliably digest all kinds of ammo.  I’ve not had the chance to spend much time with one myself, but a lot of people are giving the Versa Max very positive reviews.  So, what better gun to have in the apocalypse than a 12 gauge, semiautomatic shotgun that is not picky on with what ammo it will run?

Of course, the Zombie slaying shotgun is more about form than function.  Remington just built the form on top of a reliable platform.

The new Zombie shotgun has a hammer forged barrel that is 22″ long.  The barrel has a vent rib that tapers down for more consistent sighting.  The front sight is fiber optic.  A magazine extension, standard from Remington on these guns, takes capacity to 8+1 shells.  Other standard features include sling studs and over-sized cross-bolt safety.

Probably the most distinctive thing about the Versa Max Zombie is the finishes applied to these guns.  Remington went with the popular Proveil Reaper Z camo pattern in your choice of Explosion Pink or Gargoyle Green.  Zombies, if you are not aware, are easier to kill with brightly colored firearms.

Remington VersaMax Zombie shotgun

Sure, the zombie meme is played out in a lot of people’s minds.  I know I am over it.  But at least these guns are built on the solid Versa Max platform.  Explosion Pink may not be what you think of when heading into the woods seeking non-dead game, but at least you know it will work.  MSRP is $1599.

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  • Chadd

    Like I said when these first popped up, I’m so tired of the zombie stuff getting thrown onto awesome products but it has brought about some really cool looking stuff.
    The name sucks, the zombie part sucks but the gun and color are amazing!

  • Aaron

    That camo pattern would actually do very well in the early spring turkey hunting woods. And it looks good to boot. I agree with Chadd though, hate the name.

    • Tony R.

      Green, I am guessing. Unless you are hunting turkey at Hot Topics in the local mall….

      • Aaron

        Yes … but now that you mention it … !