Versa Max Zombie Slayer Shotgun

Had enough of the zombies?  Not yet, I guess, considering The Walking Dead seems to be one of the most popular shows on TV.  Fortunately, Remington introduced the Versa Max Zombie shotgun to help quench the thirst for zombie-related gun gear.

VersaMax Zombie shotgun

The Versa Max is Remington’s newest autoloading shotgun, and in the past couple of years it has become very popular due to its ability to reliably digest all kinds of ammo.  I’ve not had the chance to spend much time with one myself, but a lot of people are giving the Versa Max very positive reviews.  So, what better gun to have in the apocalypse than a 12 gauge, semiautomatic shotgun that is not picky on with what ammo it will run?

Of course, the Zombie slaying shotgun is more about form than function.  Remington just built the form on top of a reliable platform.


Stark SE-5 Express Grip – New AR15 Foregrip

Stark SE5 Foregrip review

Stark Equipment’s pistol grips have been praised by many, including the military and law enforcement, for their scientific approach to designing grips that fulfill the needs of the end-user.  This year Stark has introduced a new product, and some additions to already produced products.


Stark announced the new SE-5 Express Grip at SHOT Show, and I had the chance to speak with DJ Webber at their booth.

The SE-5 will be a fore grip for AR-platform rifles that is designed for shooters who grip the rail or hand guard at the same time as the grip when shooting.  The SE-5 is unlike other grips that hang straight down that predominately require the shooter to place their hand completely on the grip, or perhaps wrap their thumb onto the hand guard.  There have been several tactical trainers that have advocated this grip stance as a better way to control recoil and maintain accuracy even in rapid fire situations.


Browning Buck Mark Camper UFX

Browning BuckMark Camper UFX review

Browning announced the release of the new Buck Mark Camper UFX at SHOT Show this year.  Sharing many of the qualities of the previous Buck Mark line of pistols, this addition will have an allow frame, with a matte blued finish.  The biggest addition to this pistol is the Ultragrip FX (UFX) pistol grips.

The Barrel

The Camper UFX has a 5.5” tapered bull barrel that also comes with the matte blued finish.  The chambers are hand-reamed and the muzzle crowns are recessed for protection against damage.  The Camper UFX has a simple blowback operation design.   The slide has built in recesses with raised side panels for better grip.  There is also a manual slide release that can be operated by the shooting or support hand.

The Buck Mark Camper UFX also comes in a stainless steel version.


TriStar Pistols

TriStar Pistol L120

TriStar Arms added a number of new personal defense and target shooting handguns for 2013.  I am not terribly familiar with the TriStar line of firearms, but according to the company, they only recently got into the handgun market when they introduced their first pistols in 2012.

The new TriStar pistols are chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W and come in a variety of finishes and sizes.  Two of the pistols, the TP semi-auto handguns, are polymer framed guns.  The other pistols are traditional metal framed handguns.

Rifles Silencers/Suppressors

Daniel Defense ISR: Integrally Suppressed Rifle

Daniel Defense ISR

Daniel Defense has already established themselves as a first rate rifle and component manufacturer, so it was no surprise to visit their booth at SHOT Show this year and find another great design:  the Daniel Defense ISR.  The ISR, or Integrally Suppressed Rifle, was designed from the ground up to be one complete package, which I explain below.  The official model number is DDM4ISR 300.

The Integrated Suppressor (IS)

Matt Mozak of Daniel Defense walked me through the latest, greatest DD rifle.  The rifle is designed to be a weapon system, and not just a rifle with accessories added.  To accomplish this, Daniel Defense developed and added their all new Integrated Suppressor (IS).  The integrated suppressor is threaded, pinned and welded to the rifle’s proprietary lSR gas block, in what Mozak called a monolithic baffel.  So the IS becomes a permanent part of the rifle, and not simply an interchangeable accessory.  The length of the barrel and Integrated Suppressor together is 16.145”.