Magpul Files Another Lawsuit over Counterfeit MBUS Pro Sights

magpul logoMagpul Industries filed another complaint in a recent line of lawsuits against people and companies that they allege have infringed on their patents and/or trademarks, or who have sold counterfeit Magpul products.

The most recent lawsuit, filed on August 14, alleges that Michael Mayo of Lodi, Ohio and Mayo, Inc of Elyria, Ohio advertised and sold counterfeit MBUS Pro sights on eBay.  These new sights were announced by Magpul in April, but have not yet been made available for sale.

Magpul v. Mayo Complaint: Lawsuit regarding alleged trademark violations.

This case is similar to the lawsuit filed by Magpul on August 8 in the US District Court, Northern District of Florida, against a subject named Matthew Gottlieb and a business named Rudy’s RA1.

In the most recent complaint, Magpul stated Mayo used eBay user name “naples05.”  A check on eBay for that user shows no current auctions or sales.  However, a check of that user’s history does show several listings including one for “Troy Industries Clone Front & Rear Folding Battle Sight” and another for “Crimson Trace Clone CMR-201Rail Master.”  Both listings use photos depicting the respective companies’ names.

Troy clone ebay

This is an eBay listing advertising a Troy Industries “clone” sight set.

troy photo ebay

This is one of the photos from the same eBay listing that clearly shows the Troy Industries name on the “clone” sights.

Troy Industries had not responded at the time of this article to confirm if these were genuine or counterfeit sights.

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  1. Cash Money says:

    Wow – Anyone else take the time to read that complaint? Magpul is bringing the hurt – looking for millions in damages!


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