Right Side Folding Stock AK from Arsenal Inc.

Arsenal new gun

Arsenal’s “game changer” is a new SAM7SF rifle with a right-side folding stock.  The semi-automatic rifle is chambered in 7.62×39.

The rifle uses a forged and milled receiver made by Arsenal Company of Bulgaria, and then is assembled into a complete rifle by Arsenal Inc in the US.  The barrel is also made in Bulgaria.  Other parts of the rifle are a mix of Bulgarian and US parts.

The right-side folding stock does not interfere with the operation of the rifle, and the gun can be fired with the stock folded.  The safety is ambidextrous and the left side of the pistol grip has a cut out to accommodate it.

Arsenal AK47

Arsenal SAM7SF

barrel length16.25"
overall length38.2"
folded length28.4"
weight (no mag)8.5 pounds
twist rate1:9.45

Arsenal states the first 500 rifles will be discounted by $250 to $1,349.  However, the listed MSRP is $1650.  So, I’m not sure where the error is.  If you are interested in one of these new rifles, you probably want to contact them and confirm the pricing.

Arsenal new rifle

By Richard Johnson

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I hope the price isn’t the game changer. It’s expensive.

(NOT saying it’s not necessarily worth it, but it is pricey)

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