CZ P-07 Duty Review

CZ P-07 Duty Review

An evolution of the original CZ 75, the CZ P-07 Duty pistol is a polymer-framed, hammer-fired pistol with good ergonomics and great reliability.  I was lucky enough to put my hands on one for a review and found the gun to be a good performer and would work well as a self-defense gun.

Nuts and Bolts

The P-07 Duty is a modern version of the company’s groundbreaking CZ 75 design developed nearly 40 years ago.  People who like the original design will probably like the P-07 Duty also.

As mentioned, the pistol is a polymer-framed handgun.  It is a medium sized pistol, large enough for duty carry in law enforcement, but small enough to be carried in a concealed manner.  Czeska Zbrojovka, or CZ, also makes a larger version of this gun called the P-09 Duty.  The P-07 has a 3.8″ barrel while the P-09 barrel measures 4.53″ long.

CZ P-07 with light

The P-07 comes configured as a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) pistol, but it can be configured as a single action pistol.  The pistol has an ambidextrous, frame-mounted lever that acts as a decocker in the traditional DA/SA mode.  When the gun is converted to SA, a lever in the same position becomes a manual safety.

The slide stop and magazine release are not ambidextrous.

CZ P-07 magazine release

The CZ P-07 Duty magazine release is large and easy to manipulate.

For this review, I had a 9mm version of the CZ P-07 Duty.  When purchased, the gun comes with two magazines that hold 16 rounds. A .40 S&W version of the pistol is available.  The .40 caliber gun holds 12 rounds in each magazine.

In addition to caliber, there are two other options currently available for the pistol.  The first option is frame color.  The gun’s basic frame color is black.  Starting in 2012, CZ began making the P-07 with optional OD green frames.

The second option available is the P-07 with a threaded barrel.  The 1/2×28 threads will take most US made suppressors, and the sights are taller to clear a 1″ diameter can.

CZ P-07 tactical prototype

A prototype of a tactical CZ P-07 Duty pistol.

Previously, CZ showed a prototype tactical version of the P-07 Duty with a tan colored frame and fiber optic sights.  That pistol was never released to the public.

Range Time

I’ve had a chance to shoot this pistol quite a lot.  Long time readers of this site might recall a previous review I did on the CZ P-07 Duty several years ago.  That review is no longer available due to a contractual issue, but I can summarize what I wrote then:  the gun was accurate, fit my hand well and was utterly reliable.  My only complaint in that review was the trigger reach was too long for me to comfortably shoot the gun in DA mode.

Since that original evaluation, I have had a chance to put more rounds downrange with the pistol.  I can happily say the gun is still utterly reliable and accurate.  The CZ P-07 Duty has not experienced a single malfunction through hundreds of rounds and a wide range of ammunition loads.

CZ P-07 rear sight

Accuracy is very good with almost all ammunition, but ammo loads do make a difference.  If you are picking an ammunition load for self defense, I’d recommend running your top two or three choices through the gun to find the one that works best for you.

My single complaint about the pistol remains the trigger reach.  The grip fits my hand very well.  The checkering on the front and rear of the grip is fairly aggressive and helps lock the hand in.  Also, the relatively large beavertail lets the shooter get a very high grip on the pistol without fear of slide bite.  But for all of this, my finger simply does not interface properly with the trigger.

CZ P-07 muzzle

When gripping the pistol, only the very tip of my finger addresses the trigger face in DA mode.  This creates a situation where the torque created by my finger moving the trigger tends to pull the sights off target.  In SA mode, the finger-trigger interface is extremely good.  If the trigger had a short reach option (like SIG Sauer offers,) I would definitely upgrade the pistol to it.

The trigger is fairly smooth with a slight amount of take up and a constant pull in DA mode.  SA mode has quite a bit of slack before getting to the pull.  The SA pull is light, but not crisp.  For a production gun, the trigger isn’t bad.

Recoil is light.  9mm pistols are fairly easy shooters in all but the tiniest of handguns.  Even so, good ergonomics help tame the recoil.  I cannot imagine anyone seriously complaining about the light recoil of the CZ P-07 Duty.

CZ P-07 front sight

Although I never detected any signs of a problem, the slide metal is very thin above the barrel where the front sight is mounted.

Bottom Line on the CZ P-07 Duty

The P-07 is a solid pistol and is definitely a good choice for anyone wanting a reliable handgun for self-defense or recreational shooting.  MSRP is only $496, and that would seem to be a really good value.

Personally, this pistol would not be my first choice for carry simply because of the trigger reach.  However, there are a lot of people with longer fingers than mine who will have no problem at all with it.  If the gun feels good in your hand, you will probably be very pleased with purchasing one.

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