Springfield XD with Thumb Safety

Springfield Armory introduced a new version of the popular XD 45 Service Pistol. This .45 ACP model adds an ambidextrous thumb safety on the frame that closely mirrors the function of thumb safeties on the 1911 handguns. The thumb safety was placed far back on the frame to make it relatively easy to manipulate.

The Springfield XD pistols have been described by some as a modern-day 1911, and in fact the Springfield XD does draw much of its inspiration from the 1911.

I have talked with numerous 1911 shooters who were never impressed by the Glock pistols, but who are enamored with the XD line. Many 1911 shooters appreciate the grip safety that is standard on XD pistols. 1911 handguns also use a grip safety.

The Springfield XD has not had a thumb safety until this model. For devotees of John Moses Browning, the addition of the thumb safety makes this a much closer pistol to the modernized 1911 concept.

Springfield XD thumb safety

So, if you like the XD pistols, and have been waiting for a thumb safety, your wait is over. Springfield is delivering these pistols now, any you should find them on your dealer’s shelf.

Springfield XD45 with Thumb Safety Specs

  • caliber: .45 ACP
  • barrel length: 4.04″
  • overall length: 7.3″
  • slide: steel
  • finish: black Melonite
  • frame: polymer
  • trigger pull: 5.5 to 7.7 pounds
  • weight with an empty mag: 30 ounces

Update: Feb 2011 – This specific model of XD is still available for purchase, but the thumb safety does not appear to have caught on across the line.

It is the only XD service model with the option.

Other handguns in the line do not have the manual safety available, leaving one to conclude that most shooters aren’t looking for a handgun with this feature.

While the external manual safety might have made sense for poorly trained military conscripts of more than 100 years ago, today’s gun owner is typically better trained, and not needing some device to keep them from pressing the trigger without cause. Of course, it can be noted that nearly the entire Smith & Wesson M&P line has a thumb safety available as an option. So, go figure.

Last update: May 30, 2021

By Richard Johnson

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I bought a 5″ XD45 with the thumb safety in 2010. Two years later, I’m still waiting for the company to bring out an XD9 with the thumb safety, or perhaps a .22 LR conversion kit.

Recoil was a bit snappy with the stock 18 pound recoil spring, but putting in a 20 pounder calmed it right down. I am thinking of getting a trigger job done on it.

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