Taurus 845 .45 ACP Pistol

Just announced is the Taurus 845 pistol chambered in the very popular .45 ACP cartridge.  This completes the company’s 800-series of firearms which includes the original 809 in 9mm and the also new 840 in .40 S&W.

Taurus 805 review

The new 845 uses a double stack magazine which holds 12 rounds.  Including one in the chamber, that gives the shooter 13 rounds of .45, which is enough to end nearly any fight.

The new 840 packs a 17+1 capacity if you are interested in that handgun.

Taurus 845 Pistol

caliber.45 ACP
standard magazine capacity12 rounds
barrel length4"
safetythree position manual

All of the pistols in the 800 series are polymer framed and strike fired. Additionally, all of the pistols have the “second strike” capability, which is a feature that a growing number of shooters desire. The 800 series pistols have an external thumb safety/decocker.

Taurus 805 photo

Bob Morrison, President of Taurus International, said on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk that all three of the pistols were in production now, and that they would be on the shelves in April.

Touting the ease in which these pistols can be field stripped, Morrison said that the 800 series has “the easiest take down on a modern firearm.”

Earlier reports indicated that the 809 pistols would have a 17+1 capacity, however Morrison stated that the 809 would actually have a 19+1 capacity.

Taurus 805 picture

The barrel length is 4″.  It comes with a lifetime repair policy.

The price on these pistols? Try under $500 retail.  Assuming that dog will hunt, it is a great deal in anyone’s estimation.  Until I get my hands on one for review, however, I will hold off on giving these new pistols my endorsement.

Taurus 805

Taurus 845 Handgun Specifications by Richard Johnson

Taurus is a decent gun company, but I have had mixed luck with some of their pistols.  I don’t consider myself a gun snob, but I do expect that a gun carried for self defense be up to the task.  The Taurus 845 is probably up to the task, but without putting rounds downrange with one, I am not willing to sell people they should consider buying one.  If you think this gun offers the features you want, and you are willing to put 1k or more rounds through it to test its reliability, go for it and let us know how it did!

For all of the specifications on the 845 pistol, click here for the sales sheet released by Taurus.  This sheet will give you additional details on this new gun.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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Tell Bob Morrison to make a pistol like the Ruger LCP .380 only develop an adjustable pistol grip. The trouble with small pistols is the grip. Make a grip that can be quickly enlarged by a slide system that locks into place.

As a police officer I would rather see the Taurus ct-30 sold in the US than the model 845. If Taurus brings the ct-30 into the US it will out sell anything they have ever sold!

I found an 845 at A to Z guns and it is all its supposed to be.I have put 300 rounds through it already and it shoots great.I am very surprised
by how controlable the recoil is.I have put 6 different types of ammo including ball and it eats anything you feed it.Great Gun.

i own a few taurus handguns all work as good as all my other handguns i.e.springfield ruger s@w.i bought the new 845 as soon as it came out.put over600 rounds in it, best part of this gun is 2nd strike.w/o doing anything but pull the trigger on a missfire over and over again until it fires.highgrade cheap/lopriced or reloaded ammo it will fire with about 85% accuracy overall within 15ft. at indoor range medium control rest

I just got the 840 and put about 100 rounds through it and WOW what a gun!!!!! OH, by the way got it for $400 bought 500 rounds for $125. I looking for a PT 101 with gold details. I’m waiting for my new FN 57 to come in for my girl. Good shooting guys.

Anyone try swapping out a 845 slide/barrel/mag combo onto either a 809, or a 840 chassis? I called taurus and asked a if it can be done or not and the person I spoke to said no wont work. But I also asked about the 822 conversion kit ( includes slide,barrel, and mag) that will be coming out soon, and they say it will work with ALL the 800 series guns. I’d like to know what the difference’s are between the 809,840,845 slide mechanism that you cant change from gun to gun, but the 822 will work on all of them. Anyone own a couple of these series guns and tried it?

Just got a pt 845 only shot about 50 rounds so far but love it. Having problems finding holsters anyone know where to get one? would like to have a concealed carry and one to mount in my trucks console.

Try Fobus Evolution Holsters. In talking to several holster manufacterers such as Galco,Mitch Rosen I’m hearing that any holster that fits the PX4 will fit the 845. Also spare mags at abel ammo .com

So i bought the 840 and is it common that the mags are loose fitting loaded or not and am i going to run in to any problems with the way it loades,fires or estract any rounds?

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