Taurus 590 Revolver in 5mm Rimfire

Taurus 590 5mm revolver

Ed. note: For the latest on the Taurus 590 revolver in 5mm, scroll to the bottom of this post.

With a recent surge of interest in rimfire cartridges not starting with the number 22, Taurus International announced a new revolver in their Tracker line chambered for the 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum (RFM) cartridge.

For those not familiar with the 5mm RFM, the rimfire cartridge was introduced in 1970 by Remington Arms Co. Along with the cartridge, Remington introduced two rifles chambered for the 5mm, the models 591 and 592. However, a lack of sales and concerns about pressures prompted Remington to cease sales of the rifles in 1974, and by the early 1980’s, they stopped making the ammunition as well. However, like many discontinued cartridges, the 5mm rimfire has a small, loyal band of followers who have kept interest in this cartridge alive.

In recent years, several new rimfire cartridges (.17 HMR, .17HM2) have renewed the interest of the shooting community for high speed rimfire cartridges. Taurus, never afraid to think outside the box, introduced the first handgun chambered for the 5mm RFM at the 2008 SHOT Show.

Taurus 590 Tracker Revolver

capacity9 rounds
barrel length6.5"
overall length10.75"
weight43.7 ounces
finishmatte stainless
sightsfront ramp, rear adjustable

The new Taurus revolver is a Tracker revolver with a nine-shot cylinder and 6 1/2″ barrel. According to Bob Morrison of Taurus said the new 5mm RFM Tracker is designed for varmint shooting and the revolver is “very scope-able.”

Taurus has not listed the new Tracker on their website yet, but the revolver should be shipping to dealers in the near future.

Aguila Ammunition announced that they will begin producing 5mm Remington Magnum ammunition for the Tracker. This is also good news for the owners of those Remington model 591 and model 592 rifles. Be sure to read my article on the new Aguila 5mm Ammo.

Update:  The specs on the Taurus 590 revolver have been released:

  • caliber:  5mm rimfire
  • capacity:  nine rounds
  • weight:  43.7 ounces
  • barrel length:  6.5″
  • overall length:  10.75″
  • action:  double action/single action
  • sights:  adjustable
  • finish:  matte stainless
  • MSRP:  $514

Taurus has not announced a specific ship date, but they expect late 2008.

Update (July, 2010):  5MMEagle at the 5mm Forums website is reporting that his distributor has told him that the Taurus 590 is not yet in production and is not scheduled to enter production in the next few months.  I wonder if we will ever see this rimfire revolver.

Update (2012):  I don’t know if the 5mm Taurus revolver ever made it into production.  I do know that the gun is listed in the Taurus archives as “discontinued.”  I wonder if Aguila is upset that Taurus failed to deliver the guns for which they were making ammo?  Hopefully there are enough 5mm rifle owners out there that will keep buying Aguila’s ammo.

By Richard Johnson

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14 replies on “Taurus 590 Revolver in 5mm Rimfire”

Can’t wait for Aguila to producing the 5mm RMR again. I’ve been wanting to shoot my 592 that my grandfather left me for 20 years.

I like shooting my Savage single shoot rifle chambered in 22 magnum over 20 gauge. I also shoot a Heritage revolver, Rough Rider 22 combo 9″. After reading about the 5mm Remington rifle model 591 and seeing the results posted on the internet. I am looking forward to Taurus producing their revolver chambered in the 5mm. If Remington wont reporduce the 5mm rifle, maybe Taurus will.

Hi Terry,

It looks like Taurus never actually imported the 5mm as they suggested they would. Disappointing, but that was probably based on a lack of pre-orders from distrubtors/dealers. I think T/C used to make a 5mm, but no longer.

Aguila made some ammo, probably in anticipation of the Taurus release, but I doubt it is still in production. If you’ve got a 5mm, better buy some now before it disappears again.


This is very disappointing. I saw this at the 2008 SHOT show and was really excited about it. I worked for a company at the time and tried to convince them to make a gun in that caliber, but they decided it would be too difficult and wouldn’t sell well enough. Now Aguila has all this ammo everywhere and nobody to buy it. T/C listed it in their catalog that year, and even listed that as an available caliber on their website, but then they got bought out, and I’m sure the project got scrapped. Too bad.

Taurus has to be crazy NOT to bring back the MODEL 590 TRACKER Revolver as shooters and collectors all over the US wants to buy it not to mention the financial benefit for them. Can someone contact their CEO with this question? Thank YOU;

Savage should make a 5mm in their rimfire semi-auto . Its a better round than the A .17 hmr or the A .22 mag . Have owned the 591 and 592 Remington 5mm . Powerful rimfire !!!

If enough people Boycotts Taurus maybe they will re-think bringing back the Model 590 TRACKER.

kevin rozell says it would be great see a 5mm pistol from any supplier it a fantastic or in a 22 hornet would really be neat

It looks like TAURUS will decide their future in the US. with their upcoming decision on the Model 590. THANK YOU;

Taurus should make the 590 I would probably buy 2 my brother and I have 592 tube feed and would love a side arm that uses same Ammo !!!!!!!!!!

i think they should make this in steady of the 357 /38 /9 mm , thing they brought out that a lot of people don’t even know exists. bet it would sell just as good as their 992 .

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