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Crimson Trace LG-375 Lasergrips for the Taurus Judge and Tracker

Crimson Trace LaserGripsCrimson Trace announces the latest addition to the Taurus revolver line-up is now available. The new Model LG-375 fits both the Taurus Judge and Tracker models and offers an ergonomic and comfortable grip designed with the advantage of an ergonomically located laser with the proven performance you’ve come to expect from Crimson Trace.

The LG-375 offers a rubber overmolded construction for comfort during extended shooting sessions and the instinctive activation that is synonymous with Crimson Trace.

The new LG-375 features an integrated two-piece design for easy installation, snap-in battery retainers, and generous relief in the side panels to facilitate speed loaders along with a master power switch. The Lasergrips are sighted in for 50 feet at the factory but can be zeroed in at different distances by using the windage and elevation adjustments.

Patented Lasergrips, the world’s only grip-integrated laser sight system, incorporate a laser sight and pressure-sensitive activation switch in the ergonomically designed grip. The LG-375 utilizes a front activated, rubber-overmolded switch to turn on the laser’s bright, steady beam when the firearm is held in a normal firing grip. No other laser sighting system has this “instinctive activation” feature. Lasergrips are precision engineered to exacting specifications and made in the U.S.A. using the highest quality components and craftsmanship.

Crimson Trace products are considered some of the best laser aiming devices in the shooting industry.  CT LaserGrips are backed by a warranty and as previously mentioned, they are made in the United States of America.  A lot of shooters really like the LaserGrips they have installed on their handguns.  The grips are easy to install and they are easy to adjust and sight in.  They come sighted in from the factory, but you can make precision adjustments once you have installed them on your pistol.

MSRP will be $299.00.  Prices on the street are much less expensive than that.

By Richard Johnson

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