New Ammo from Winchester

new ammo from winchester

As 2009 begins to close, Winchester Ammunition announced a wide range of new loads for 2010.  These new loads will be shown at the SHOT Show in January, and will be released to the public shortly thereafter.  We will be at the show and will bring you additional information as we can from the good folks at Winchester.

.338 Win Mag  E-Tip

Winchester Ammunition is expanding the E-Tip line of hunting loads with the addition of the .338 Win Mag.  The .338 Win Mag will feature a 200 grain E-Tip bullet.  Velocities have not yet been released by Winchester.  Expect to see this cartridge on your dealer’s shelves in June of 2010.  (Ed. update – As of 2013, this load is no longer listed on the Winchester Ammunition website.)

Winchester new ammo12 Gauge PDX12 Slug/OO Shell

In one of the more interesting offerings for 2010, Winchester Ammunition is introducing a 12 gauge cartridge that contains a one ounce rifled slug with three plated 00-buck pellets loaded on top of it.  The slug features Winchester’s Power Point technology.  The 2 3/4″ shell is a reduced recoil load and is due out in March of 2010.

I don’t know if the three 00 pellets add any additional stopping power to the full ounce slug, but I know I would not want to be on the receiving end of it.

.380 ACP PDX1 Ammo

Expanding the Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 line of ammunition, Winchester added a .380 ACP load for 2010.  Due in February of 2010, the new .380 load features a bonded 95 grain JHP.  The round is rated at 1000 fps at the muzzle, which is typical for this caliber.  Hopefully, Winchester will make enough of this ammo to meet demand in 2010!

Ballistic Silvertip in .223 and .22-250

Winchester Ammunition announced a March 2010 shipping date for the new Ballistic Silvertip Lead-Free ammunition loaded in .223 Remington and 22-250 Remington.  Both loads feature a 35 grain fragmenting copper core bullet that is ‘designed to explode on impact.’  The lead-free bullet was developed specifically for varmint hunting.

.45-70 Government Loads

Two new loads for the .45-70 Gov’t will be offered by Winchester Ammunition in 2010.

Available in May 2010, Winchester will be offering a 300 grain Ballistic Silvertip load for the .45-70.  Winchester says the bullet will have a plastic tip, and the bullet will be coated in black oxide to reduce barrel fouling.

The second new load, a 375 grain Supreme Elite Dual Bond, will be available in June 2010.  The .45-70 Gov’t loading will have similar deep penetrating characteristics that the other loads in this line have.

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There’s a heck of a push for large caliber rounds these last few years. If customers are gonna buy ’em, then manufacturers are gonna sell ’em. I’m just curious as to what they’re shooting these at. There aren’t all that many people hunting grizzly and moose, or even big elk for that matter. If they can sell ’em, more power to ’em, but I could really use a case of ball pistol ammo.

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