Taurus Polymer 1911?

Taurus firearms logoIs a polymer framed 1911 being introduced by Taurus at the 2010 SHOT Show?  Maybe…

I received an interesting, and unverified, e-mail tonight.  The writer claims to have ‘insider’ information about some of the new products that Taurus is introducing at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The one he described to me was a polymer framed 1911.

The writer described the pistol as having the same features and function of a full-sized 1911 pistol, with the obvious change of a plastic instead of metal frame.  I asked for more information (single-stack or double-stack, etc.), but do not have anything else yet.

Keep in mind that none of this is verified.  It may be (and probably is) total bunk.  However, I have heard rumors of a polymer framed 1911 being offered in the future from another manufacturer, so the idea isn’t totally alien.  If I get more information, I will let you know.

Post-SHOT Show Update

There was a lack of any polymer 1911 pistols from Taurus or anywhere else.  The Taurus reps declined to offer any information on the rumor or if the company had any plans for such a gun.  Maybe it is something we will see at the SHOT Show next year…?

A polymer frame 1911 pistol is certainly appealing to many people.  Polymer-framed handguns have proved to be as reliable as metal-framed pistols, yet are cheaper and easier to manufacture.  One of the stumbling blocks for many people who want to buy a 1911 are the prices.  There are some “cheap” 1911 pistols, but not many.  If someone was to develop a high-quality polymer frame, they could sell them much like the companies making polymer AR-lowers.  A lot of people would love to jump on a 1911 frame in the sub-$100 price range and build their own gun.  Of course, the same company could be quite profitable in making complete firearms for sale also.

By Richard Johnson

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