Taurus Raging Judge Ultra-Lite

Taurus Raging Judge Ultra-Lite

In another evolution of the Judge line, Taurus introduced the Raging Judge Ultra-Lite revolver at the 2010 SHOT Show.  The Raging Judge Ultra-Lite is a seven-shot revolver that can shoot 2.5” and 3” .410 shotshell in addition to .45 Colt.

The sights are fixed, with a fiber optic front and notch rear.  The barrel is three inches, with the gun’s weight just a touch more than 41 ounces.  Though it was not shown on the show floor, the Taurus catalog also lists a six inch barrel, which weighs a little over 47 ounces.

This revolver is not the same as the Raging Judge Magnum that chambers the .454 Casull.  Both guns are similar and are built on the same frames.  However, the Magnum chambers only five rounds of .454, .410 or .45 Colt.  This gun, the Ultra-Lite, doesn’t do the .454 Casull and instead will chamber up to seven rounds.

Taurus Raging Judge Ultra-Lite

Since the Ultra-Lite is on the same frame as the Magnum, the Ultra-Lite does have a double lock-up.  This means the gun can handle stronger loads (good for you handloaders building up some very strong .45 Colt loads,) but it is also a little slower to reload.  With practice, the reloading speed can be pretty darn quick, but it is something to consider.  I wonder if someone can build up a near .454 Casull load in .45 Colt and shoot it safely through this gun.  Certainly any of the higher-pressure loads from Buffalo Bore and others would work fine in this gun.

Raging Judge Ultra-Lite Specifications

  • model # 513ULB3
  • caliber:  .410 shotshell and .45 Colt
  • capacity:  seven cartridges
  • sights:  front fiber optic, rear fixed notch
  • weight:  41.4 ounces
  • barrel length:  three inches
  • MSRP:  $983
  • action:  double-action/single-action

Updated Information

Taurus discontinued production of the Raging Judge Ultra-Lite revolver.  They list the guns in the archived section of their website and state the gun is “No longer in current production.”  No reason was given, though almost always this means that the sales simply did not support continued production.

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