S&W M&P15-22P Pistol

sw_mp15-22p_01aSmith & Wesson announced a new AR-style pistol chambered in .22 LR: the M&P15-22P.  The M&P 15-22P is a polymer framed semi-auto pistol based on the S&W M&P 15-22 rifles.

The new S&W handgun has a 6″ carbon steel barrel with a 1:15 twist, and weighs 51 ounces (unloaded).  The detachable magazine holds 25 rounds of .22LR ammunition.  This is the same standard capacity magazine that is used in the M&P15-22 rifle.  So, if you have one of those, you can swap mags between the two guns.

The M&P 15-22P features a full-length optics rail along the top of the gun, and a mini-quad rail for lasers, lights, can openers and Romulan cloaking devices.  A swivel point attachment is also included for attaching a single point sling.

The pistol will be available in May 2010, and has an MSRP of $585.00.  The M&P15-22P has a S&W lifetime service policy.  In my experience, Smith & Wesson does an excellent job with their customer service department.  I have used their services in the past and I have been pleased each and every time.

The gun will not be available for sale in several anti-freedom states:  MA, CT, CA, MD, NJ and NY.  If you live in one of these states, your government has determined that this gun could spontaneously kill you or other people.  If you would like to own this .22 rimfire, load the car and join us in the free states.  The chair is against the wall.


2013 Update

Sad news folks.  Smith & Wesson is no longer making the M&P15-22P.  Almost always, when a company cancels a product line it is because there was a lack of demand.  Since I never saw a recall on this pistol, I am fairly confident in guessing that there was not enough sales for S&W to profit on these.  If you’ve got one, don’t sell it thinking you can pick up another at a later date.

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.