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TSD Combat Systems, one of the companies affiliated with Gabe Suarez, is now shipping the CQB Kalashnikov.  This is a thoroughly modern AK system designed for fighting.

The rifles can be had in either 7.62×39 or 5.45×39. One magazine ships with the rifle: a US Palm AK30 or Bulgarian 45 rounder depending on your caliber choice.

Editor’s Note

TSD Combat Systems folded and these guns are no longer available new. I am unable to determine how many were manufactured and shipped. Finding one on the secondary market might be tough.

The 14″ barrel has a permanently attached AAC BLACKOUT flash hider, bringing the total length to 16″. So no need to worry about the ATF tax for an SBR (short barrel rifle).

The stock is a Magpul CTR (I highly recommend this stock) mounted using a Vltor stock adapter. The pistol grip is the US Palm grip and the handguard is the Midwest Industries X-Rail system.


The CTR stock is on one of my AR-15 rifles and it has proved to be an exceptional stock. For any kind of modern sporting rifle, I think these are great.

Not to knock the US Palm pistol grip, but I do not like the feel of that as much as I do the Magpul option. I installed a Magpul MOE AK pistol grip on several of my AK rifles, and I’ve been very pleased with their performance.

The trigger uses a tuned Red Star Arms kit. The MSRP is $2595, but the rifle sells for $1685 through One Source Tactical. Some folks may think that this is too much money for an AK-based rifle, but a quality fighting rifle for about $1,700 is not terribly expensive.


As stated by One Source Tactical:

The AK system was developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov to answer the needs of modern urban combat, it was adopted by the American Gun Community to answer the needs for the ultimate civilian guerrilla rifle, and it has now been perfected by TSD Combat Systems.

I’ve always preferred the standard AK-47 to the plethora of “Bubba-ized” AKs floating around out there. However, these guns look really good, and the components are good quality items. I really like the look of these. I wish I had the money to drop on one today.


All photos are courtesy of One Source Tactical. Make sure you go to their site to see these (and many more) in larger sizes.

By Richard Johnson

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