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Magpul AK-47 Pistol Grip Installation

Well known for its AR gear, Magpul continues to expand its offerings for AK-platform weapons. In today’s article, I take a look at the MOE AK Grip and show you how to install one on your AK-47, AKM or AK-74 based gun.

Let’s jump right in.

Before We Get Started

Swapping out your AK grip is an easy task and one that most gun owners should be able to perform. Take a look at the below instructions and video. If you still aren’t sure, a competent gunsmith can make the swap for you while you wait.

Zastava O-PAP AK Grip Replacement

One note of importance: AK manufacturing around the world created a wide range of tolerances. Depending on the origin of your gun, there can be variances in the build that cause problems when installing this pistol grip.

fitting Magpul MOE AK grip to rifle

Should you run into any problems with the grip installation, stop and contact Magpul for assistance. Alternatively, get in touch with a local gunsmith who can diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Kalashnikov USA based its guns on the original Russian patterns, so the Magpul grip should fit guns like the Komrad shotgun without any problems.

Owners of CZ Vz. 58 rifles take note: this grip is not intended as a drop-in replacement for your rifle.

Tools Needed

You need a screwdriver set to remove the old grip and install the new Magpul AK grip.

left side of AK pistol grip

The Magpul MOE pistol grip comes with a slot head screw. Your AK could have any number of different heads; mine had a hex head.

How to Install the MOE AK Grip

Installing the Magpul grip should be (nearly) identical for any AK-type firearm. For this demonstration, I used the Zastava O-PAP that I picked up from AIM Surplus.

I like the gun – it is reasonably accurate and has been 100% reliable. However, I hate the clunky polymer grip that it came with. When Magpul announced its new MOE AK pistol grip, I ordered one immediately.

Special Note: My rifle is 922(r) compliant with the made-in-the-USA Magpul grip. To avoid any legal troubles, make sure yours will be if you swap out the pistol grip.

The Magpul AK pistol grip installation process is extremely easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the gun is unloaded and remove all ammunition from the work area.
  2. On a padded work surface, turn the AK so that the bottom of the gun is facing up.
  3. Using a screwdriver with an appropriately matched tip, remove the screw holding the factory pistol grip. On my gun, I needed a hex head screwdriver.
  4. Once you remove the screw, the pistol grip should slip off of the gun.
  5. If needed, clean the area where the new pistol grip will go.
  6. Fit the Magpul pistol grip to the AK receiver. The fit should be tight, so a bit of patience may be required.
  7. One the pistol grip is in place, use the Magpul-provided screw to fasten the grip to the gun. The screw with my pistol grip was a slotted head.
  8. Once snugged down, place the grip cap over the grip hole.
included screw with Magpul MOE AK grip

The Magpul grip fits tightly around the mounting point on the receiver, which gives a good, non-wobbly feel before the screw is even tightened down. There was no sloppiness, and the grip truly looked like it belonged on the rifle.

Final Thoughts

The Magpul AK-47 grip borrows heavily from the styling and design of the AR-15 pistol grip made by the company. This makes sense, as the AR grip is extremely popular with shooters.

MOE AK pistol grip texture

The polymer grip has a hard texture; it is not a rubbery grip. The texture is fairly aggressive, but not so abrasive as to shred clothing or hands that come into contact with it. I expect that this grip will work very well for me in the Florida summers.

Since I originally wrote this installation article, I’ve had the rifle on the range many times. The pistol grip performs amazingly well.

storage compartment in pistol grip for the AK-17

I like the feel of it: it fills my hand, and the texture makes it feel very secure. Also, I think it looks much better than the OEM grip.

These pistol grips are very reasonably priced. At the time of this update, they are available in black and flat dark earth at Optics Planet.

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A long time in the coming. Understandably Magpul has had phenomenal success in the AR market and good business sense says to keep making what’s working, but I think Magpul has started to open its eyes to the ever-expanding market of the less-expensive AK’s.

Glad to see the new offerings.

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