Diamondback RTS Shotgun

We found the Diamondback RTS shotgun at the 2012 SHOT Show.  It is a working prototype right now, but Diamondback hopes to have them shipping sooner rather than later.  We’ll keep you updated.  (Update 11/13/2012 – The latest on the production of the Diamondback shotgun is at the bottom of the article.)

Diamondback RTS Shotgun

I went to the Diamondback Firearms 2012 SHOT Show booth with the intent to give them some positive feedback on their DB9 I now have in long term testing. Then something caught my eye leaning against a wall behind their display cases.

“Got anything new?” I asked with a raised eyebrow and a stare at the item in question. Following my gaze, the rep came out from behind the counter with a pump action shotgun in his hands. It had the Diamondback logo on the receiver.

I was referred to Brad Thomas, the founder and CEO for Diamondback’s Firearm side (the Airboat side has been around for over two decades). He showed me Diamondback’s new shotgun, the RTS, which is built on the Mossberg 590 design.

Diamondback is licensed to use the basic 590 platform, but manufactures the receiver to Diamondback’s own specific tolerances. The barrel on the weapon will be Mossberg produced and the stock and pistol grip on the prototype are from another maker, but the core of the shotgun is Diamondback enhanced.

Thomas said he is proud of the shotgun they have come up with. The trigger is adjustable from 2 to 7 pounds. I thought it felt smooth, short, and light. Diamondback also makes the forend, which has plenty of 1913 rail space.

Diamondback Shotgun

There are just two prototypes of the shotgun, so not all the details for the production guns have been finalized. Thomas said the shotguns should be ready for the market in about three months.

As a teaser, and with no further comment, Thomas said they were working on a full-size handgun. Cool.

Diamondback RTS Shotgun

Diamondback RTS Shotgun

Diamondback RTS Shotgun

Update: Diamondback Shotgun is DOA

Back at the 2012 SHOT Show, Randy was able to get us information and photos of the new Diamondback shotgun called the RTS.  Unfortunately, I have learned from Diamondback at the 2012 NASGW Expo that the shotgun will not go to production.

According to the folks at Diamondback, the shotgun was too expensive to produce, and there are too few buyers for the project to be profitable.  It is understandable that the company would walk away from the project, but I would have liked to have seen it make it to production.

That’s too bad as the DB9 I reviewed had proved to be very reliable.

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I like it, just wish it came with a AR front style sight post and rear AR sight. I would hope it dont cost no more then 500 bucks.

If ur going to cry about them reporting on what kind of attachments and stocks strapped to a prototype then maybe you should be over checking the my little pony blog. If you didn’t want to know what was new at the shot show then don’t read the articles. Every gun on the market is either an enhanced copy of, or a reimagining of a proven system.

Just a little update from Diamondback. While at the 2012 NRA Convention in St. Louis last month I stopped by the Diamondback booth and talked to the staff about any updates on the RTS. Diamondback has been real busy producing their two compact handguns. They have also run into supplier issues, like many other small to midsize manufactures have run into.

The 2012 election process has once again placed an enormous demand on the firearms market. This demand has overwhelmed supply, causing serious delays in production, availability, and shipping times.

As such, Diamondback has put the RTS on the back burner for now, but has not given up on the idea. Staff told me that they’re still actively looking for suppliers for some of the shotgun’s parts, and may have a better idea of market availability later this summer.

So what’s the deal on these? They coming out or what?

Personally I think it looks like someone got ahold of daddy’s credit card and a Leapers catalog…

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