CMMG 50 Caliber Muzzle Loading AR15 Upper

CMMG AR15 Muzzle Loader

At the 2012 SHOT Show, Aaron brought us a video of a muzzle loading, black powder AR-15 upper from CMMG.  At that time, it was unknown if the company would actually bring this to market.  Well…they have.

The one and only AR upper that turns your modern rifle into a black powder gun is a reality.  It mounts to any mil-spec lower and is sure to get you some puzzled looks at hunting camp during black powder season.

Any normal 50 caliber projectile, including sabots, can be fired from this kit.  Up to 100 grains of pelletized powder can be used to propel said projectile.  To fire the gun, you insert the “Single Shot Sled” into the magazine well and chamber a primed, but otherwise empty, 5.56/.223 case into the chamber.  Pull the trigger and the primer ignites the black powder.  Boom.

Watch the video from the SHOT Show below to see how the gun is set up.


Blackhawk Knoxx Stock: Gen II SpecOps

[Ed. note: The information on the current generation of Knoxx Stock, the Blackhawk! Gen II SpecOps, was previously submitted during the 2012 SHOT Show.  For whatever reason, I failed to get it posted properly. Better late than never, right?]

The Blackhawk booth at SHOT Show this year was a little more subdued than in previous years. In the last couple of years, the booth has been full of clothing, duty gear, breaching equipment, and weapons accessories. And there always seemed to be a steady stream of people moving through the booths.

This was the first full year after ATK bought Blackhawk back in mid-2010. The booth was combined into one large area instead of two areas, as in previous years. However, it seemed that the number of items on display seemed greatly reduced. Perhaps the idea was to focus on the most current offerings, as past years had a mixture of old and new. Whatever the marketing strategy was, it didn’t stop Blackhawk from marketing some really nice products. One of those products was the redesigned and improved Gen II SpecOps Knoxx Stock that came out last year.

Blackhawk Knoxx Stock


The first generation SpecOps Knoxx stock was well received as a very versatile accessory option for shotgun shooters. Traditionally shotguns have either had a fixed stock, a fixed pistol grip stock, or no stock at all. The concept Blackhawk brought to shotgunners was to provide the best of all those features in one stock.


ArmaLite 300 BLK Rifle

In keeping with the 2012 SHOT Show trend, I’ll be looking at ArmaLite’s offering in the newer .300 BLK chambering. I got a chance to handle their new rifle at their booth, and I learned a few things along the way. Before getting into the details of the ArmaLite .300 BLK rifle, I thought it would be interesting to share a little history on the AR rifle platform that has become so popular.

Armalite 300 BLK Rifle

AR-15 History

ArmaLite was a subdivision of the Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corporation back in the 1950’s. The founder was Lockheed corporate counsel George Sullivan, and the company’s first rifle designs were meant to be “light” survival rifles for downed pilots.


Olympic Arms K16 300 SST IN .300 BLK

[Aaron caught up with Olympic Arms at the 2012 SHOT Show and took a look at their new K16 300 SST chambered for the 300 BLK cartridge.]

By now most readers will realize that there has been an explosion in rifle offerings in .300 Blackout (BLK). The .300 Blackout cartridge came about to fulfill the desires of shooters who wanted to shoot .30 caliber bullets, but didn’t want to lose the capacity and weight advantages of shooting traditional 5.56mm AR-15’s.

Olympic Arms 300 BLK

The .300 BLK is a very unique .30 caliber cartridge. Instead of bulking up the casing and powder weights to accommodate the .30 caliber bullet, the .300 BLK starts with the same 5.56mm casing that is the standard for AR-15 platforms. From there the casing is necked up, or expanded out at the neck, to accept the .30 caliber bullet. The rest of the casing is the same as the 5.56mm casing along with powder weights. The end result is a .30 caliber bullet fired from basically the same casing as the traditional 5.56mm cartridge.


New Stag Arms 3G

Stag Arms had their new 3G model displayed at the 2012 SHOT Show. Available since October of last year, Stag specifically designed the 3G to excel at 3-gun competitions that require a variety of long range and short range shots.

Stag 3G rifle


Last year Stag introduced the New Model 3, which upgraded the first Model 3 from a simple “optics ready” (top rail) carbine, to an optics ready and accessory ready carbine. Stag included a Diamondhead V-RS modular rail system handguard to accomplish that improvement, but what surprised many was that Stag did not increase the price of the carbine with the upgraded handguard (a $109 value). The new model 3 remained available for only $895. Those versions were gas-impingement rifles, but with the upgraded handguard and inexpensive price, the new Model 3 remains a popular option with AR shooters.