Cheapest Glock Magazines

Cheapest Glock Magazine“Where can I get the cheapest Glock magazines?” is one of the more common e-mails I get.  Considering how popular the pistols are, it really shouldn’t be a surprise.

As you may suspect, different retailers will run specials or sales on Glock mags, so prices can and will vary.  However, for standard magazines, I typically expect to pay about $25 +/- for new.  Online sites like Midway USA and Brownells tend to be solid sources for the mags at this price.

With a little looking, though, you can sometimes do better.  Right now, for example, Natchez Shooters Supplies is selling many of the standard capacity magazines for just $19.99.  In fact, I just ordered a few more 15 round Glock 19 mags from them.  Heck, at that price, it is hard to not order a bunch.

While a bit of a bummer for our friends in less-free states, it is curious to see that Natchez’s sale prices do not include low-capacity magazines (10 round restricted mags.)  They are still $25.49.  I don’t know if supplies are just lower on these magazines, or if it is some type of political statement, but no great deals from Natchez here.

Another occasional source of inexpensive Glock magazines are places that sell police trade-ins.  I’ve seen nearly-new Glock 22 magazines selling for less than $15 each from some of the wholesalers who will sell to the public.  Check out places like J&G Sales and AIM Surplus for those kinds of deals.  I’ve seen deals like $15 each or $25 for three.  Needless to say, quantities will be limited and they will sell fast.  So if you find pricing like that, order immediately (and then e-mail me so I can buy some too!)

Fortunately, mags for the Austrian pistols are relatively inexpensive to start with, so it is hard to go wrong.  I’d caution to stay away from the Korean knock-off mags, though.  While they may technically be the cheapest Glock magazines, I have received a lot of very poor reviews on their performance.  Introducing unreliability to a firearm is never a bargain.

(Editor note:  After writing this article, I found that J&G Sales currently has a supply of used, police trade in Glock 22 magazines for $14.95.  While you may not want to rely on a used magazine from an unknown source for self-defense, these mags should be perfect for practice.  Unless they are abused, they should work fine for self-defense, but YMMV.)

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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Thanks for the article. I would definitely recommend staying away from cheap non-Glock/Glock magazines. I can’t see any benefit to skimping on Glock magazines. They work the best, the most consistently, and are built like tanks.

Cnt fire sys CDNN OR AMMO DEPO. ALWAYS cheaper around a holiday.. aftermarket hc Glock mags should never be more than $9-12 each, common to see them at $20 tho.. ok for range use only.

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