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MasterPiece Arms 5.7×28 Guns

MasterPiece Arms 57x28

MasterPiece Arms (MPA) builds a number of firearms chambered for the 5.7 x 28 cartridge including a pistol and a carbine.  The latest member to the stable is the MPA 57 pistol with the very popular A-TACS camo finish.

Both pistols come with a single 20-round polymer magazine and a Picatinny rail on top of the receiver for the easy addition of an optic.  The 5″ barrel is threaded and comes with a muzzle brake.  MPA has been working on some suppressor designs, so I expect we will see a nice suppressor available for these guns in the near future.

MSRP on the black gun is $599, while the one with the A-TACS finish is slightly more expensive at $659.  If you are not familiar with the A-TACS camo patterns, head over to their website and take a look.  I personally like the patterns and will probably be picking up a set of BDUs in the FG version in the near future.

MasterPiece Arms is also manufacturing a carbine chambered for the 57×28.  The MPA 5700SST has a threaded 16″ barrel and ships with a muzzle brake.  The front end has a quad-rail, while the back end has a “low profile” stock.  In the video below, you will see one of the guys from MPA shooting the carbine with a different stock.  I do not know if they plan on introducing the stock shown in the video, which they explain is an experimental design.

The carbine comes only in black and retails for $795.

I previously wrote about the MasterPiece Arms 57×28 guns when they were announced just ahead of the 2012 SHOT Show.

The 5.7×28 cartridge is also known as the “five seven” and was developed by FN Herstal for the Five-seveN pistol and P90 carbine.  The 5.7 uses a .224 caliber bullet in a small bottle necked cartridge to produce high velocities, relatively speaking, out of handguns and short barrel carbines.

The 5.7×28 was developed in the 1990’s as a possible replacement to the 9mm in NATO countries.  The idea was to develop a round with better performance in handguns and personal defense weapons (PDW) than the venerable 9×19 could provide.  The 5.7 has a small following among shooters and a number of military and law enforcement units around the world have adopted it.

MPA 5.7x28 Pistol

There have been few manufacturers of ammunition and firearms in this caliber, but that appears to be slowly changing.  There are at least three other firearm manufacturers who have either made guns chambered in 5.7×28 or made receivers and/or conversion kits for the cartridge.  MasterPiece Arms appears to be the largest non-FN company making guns for the cartridge.

By Richard Johnson

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Nice to see another gun firing this round
I think if there were more guns in this calibre for sale then it would help FN have the 5.7 round standardized in NATO
Anyone else notice in the Video the mention of the American Eagle 5.7x28mm TMJ round.

I agree with Paul O. I love the ATACS camo, but I’m not sure about the availability of the ammo.

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