Hellbreaker AR Lowers

Hellbreaker AR Lower

Looking for a custom AR lower?  Check out the Hellbreaker.

The Hellbreaker is a prototype AR lower that will be CNC’d from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized and has an unmistakable resemblance to the nose art of the Curtis P-40 Warhawks flown by the Flying Tigers during World War II.

The magazine well is curved and beveled, while the trigger guard is curved in the oposite direction, giving it a swooping appearance from front to back.  All standard pins, trigger kits, etc. will work in the Hellbreaker lower receiver.  The magazine well will accept all GI and Magpul PMAG magazines.

The photo below, special to, shows a plastic Hellbreaker AR lower outfitted with Magpul MOE gear and a Palmetto trigger.

For the Hellbreaker to become a reality, though, the designer, John Sharps, needs financial assistance.  The design is finished and the rapid prototypes have been completed.  To complete the development of the Hellbreaker, Sharps needs to complete the CNC programming, work up the tooling, obtain ATF approval and start the production.

Hellbreaker AR Lower Receiver
This photo, exclusive to, shows the prototype Hellbreaker receiver outfitted with Magpul MOE gear and a Palmetto trigger.

Sharps started a micro-funding campaign at indiegogo where he is raising a modest $6500 for this project.  That money will help him get all of the pieces into place and ensure that production starts rolling.

The target MSRP is currently $289.  A discount will be available for predetermined contribution levels.

Check out the funding page by clicking here for more information on the Hellbreaker AR lower receivers.


Hellbreaker lowers made it into production and are available today from Spike’s Tactical. The stripped lower carries a retail price of $299.95. This is a premium price as compared to many of the stripped lowers that can be had for around $100. However, the lower has a number of nice features built in, plus it has a unique look.

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I swapped emails with John Sharps. He advised the funding page was shut down due to IndieGoGo’s exclusion of firearms from allowable projects. Sharps is currently working on alternative funding, and expects to produce the lowers in spite of the challenges.


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