SIG P226 Lone Star

SIG P226 Lone Star

A special edition of the SIG P226, dubbed the Lone Star, is available through the RSR Group distributor.  As one might guess from the name, the pistol pays tribute to Texas.

The grips are rosewood with a Texas star carved into them.  The serial numbers of these limited-edition P226 guns begin with TX.

The pistol is in the classic P226 styling, not the updated E2 styling.  The Lone Star P226 handguns do have an accessory rail for the attachment of lasers and lights.  I would expect most people to buy this pistol as a collector’s piece and not need or use the rail.

RSR does not publish an MSRP on the SIG P226 Lone Star.  So, for that, you will have to call up your dealer to get a price. This price will likely vary from dealer to dealer.

While I do not have a need for this gun, I do appreciate its appeal to others.  I have always liked the rosewood grips on black SIG Sauer guns, like the P238 and P938.  It looks great on the P226 -, especially with the Texas star.

By Richard Johnson

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I’ve been wanting a P226 and now I want one even more. I hope these are still around in about a year when I can buy another gun again.

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