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Head On Tactical Shotgun Shell Pouch

Head Down Shotgun Pouch

I just stumbled across a small company called Head On Tactical that is making a variety of pouches, bags and carriers for all of your tactical needs.  They have a bunch of cool looking products in MultiCam, A-TACS, plus the more “pedestrian” coyote, black and Ranger green.

One of the products I think is really innovative is the Vessel Pursuit Shotgun Pouch they developed with the guys at MARSEC4.  The pouch compactly holds 24 shotgun shells and divides them up with color-coded pulls to more easily distinguish between two different rounds like slugs and buckshot.

The shotgun shell pouch is designed to be stiff enough for belt mounting and is also equipped for attachment to any standard MOLLE platform.  For someone hunting, having extra shells on your waist might make a lot of sense for you.  But being able to mount it to a plate carrier gives the homeowner or patrol cop a lot of extra bang when facing bad guys.

This pouch is selling for $45, which is a great price for something that is made in small quantities here in the US.  I’m buying one in MultiCam for my plate carrier at work.  If you have need of something similar, you might want to check them out.  I don’t have a business relationship with Head On Tactical, but feel free to mention how you found them if you do decide to order something.

By the way,  MARSEC4 is a site dedicated to maritime law enforcement.  You should stop by there and check them out – a lot of good info for both those engaged in anti-piracy operations and the average joe.  Plus, they have some awesome morale patches.

Head Down Tactical pouch

By Richard Johnson

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