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Mosin-Nagant Detachable Magazine and Stock

There is a new Mosin-Nagant replacement stock being made by Archangel.  For a variety of reasons, making a detachable magazine for the Mosin-Nagant rifles has been difficult.  The basic rifle design is more than 120 years old, so adapting it to modern conventions is bound to have a few difficulties.

A quick check of YouTube found this video from mixflip on the new Mosin-Nagant stocks from the ProMag/Archangel booth at the SHOT Show:

The new magazines have a unique way of working, using a retaining clip on the exterior of the mag to keep the rounds in place.  The stock comes with a five-round magazine, but ten-round mags will also be available for sale.

The stock is also set-up to work with the Timney trigger developed for the M-N.  The stocks are supposed to work with virtually all style Mosin-Nagant rifles.  They have a free floated barrel channel in the stock, but also have a tension screw to apply pressure to the barrel depending on the needs of your specific rifle for accuracy.

With an MSRP of $199, the new stocks are likely to be more expensive than what most of us paid for our M-N rifles.  But, as the sources of the rifles dry up, those prices are going up.  Besides, how cool is this new stock and having detachable mags for it?  The ten-round magazines will carry a $24.95 suggested retail price.

Note:  If you are a Mosin-Nagant owner, I highly suggest the book called “The Mosin-Nagant.”  I reviewed this book a few years ago and highly recommend it.  It has a lot of detail on the rifles, including deciphering all of those cartouches and markings.

By Richard Johnson

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