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New Caldwell Long Range Shooting Products

caldwell strobe

Caldwell announced several new products that will be of interest to many shooters, especially those involved in long range rifle shooting.

Strobe Flash Hit Indicator

The Caldwell Strobe Flash Hit Indicator is designed to produce a daylight visible flash when a target is hit, allowing for naked eye confirmation of hits to 1,000 yards.

The company states the unit is ideal for their own Magnum Rifle Gong, but will work with a wide variety of steel targets.  The strobe unit is connected to a sensor that clamps onto the target frame.  When the target is hit, the sensor sends a signal to the strobe unit that then emits a bright flash.

A tripod is included with the Strobe Flash Hit Indicator Kit.  The strobe head runs on four AA batteries, which the user will have to provide.

Caldwell Crosswind

CrossWind Professional Wind Meter

If you are looking for a feature packed wind meter, the new CrossWind Professional Wind Meter might be what you are looking for.  The unit calculates a variety of wind measurements including current wind speeds, average speed, maximum gusts and direction.  The unit also measures altitude, temperature and barometric pressure.

The wind meter has a 90 degree rotating anemometer head.  It has a standard threaded mount for attaching to a tripod.  The CrossWind Professional Wind Meter runs on a single CR2032 battery, which is included.

caldwell wind wizard ii

Wind Wizard II

The Wind Wizard II is an update of the company’s economical wind meter.  The unit measures wind speed and temperature, and calculates wind chill measurements.  It includes a rubber sleeve to help protect it, and a wrist lanyard to help you hold onto it when in a tree stand or other location.  The Wind Wizard II runs on a single CR2032 battery.  The battery is included with the unit.

No MSRP has been announced for these products.  I would expect to see these at the SHOT Show, so I hope to get pricing information then.

By Richard Johnson

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It uses an audible alert that sounds like money flushing down the toilet. (Actually, it looks like a decent length wire comes with it, allowing even a poor shooter like me to move it off enough to avoid all but the worst indirect fire.)

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