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LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser

LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser for Glock
The LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser for Glock Pistols

LaserLyte has introduced a new red laser sighting system for pistols called the Rear Sight Laser.  The LaserLyte Rear Sight Laser, or RSL, mounts in the position of the rear sight on a handgun, rather than as a grip or guide rod solution marketed by other companies such as Crimson Trace and LaserMax.

LaserLyte claims that by having the laser mounted to the rear sight, the holster can be used in all of the gun’s normal Level I and Level II holsters.  While I do not have the laser on hand to test this claim with my own holsters, I can see how it should work with most holsters.  However, there are no standards on what a Level I or II holster is, so the claim is a bit nebulous.

The laser is activated by a switch on the rear of the sight system.  One press of the switch turns the laser on in a “constant” mode.  A second press pulses the laser.  A third press turns the unit off.  Run time is marketed as one hour in continuous mode, two hours in pulse mode.

Check out this introduction video from Gun Blast:

The setup is very interesting.  It may not be as instinctive as a Crimson Trace, but this laser aiming unit is still very compact and easy to operate.  The great thing about the free market system is that there are many option available to shooters so you can find what works best for you.  For some people, the LaserLyte rear sight laser will be the perfect unit, while it may not be the ideal device for other people.

MSRP is $199.95, so it will be competitively priced.


Update – November 2009

LaserLyte introduced a new rear laser sight for the Springfield XD/XDM and the Sig Sauer line of pistols.  Featuring the same style rear laser sight that they debuted on the Glock pistols, the LaserLyte RL-XD/XDM replaces the rear pistol sight and is user adjustable.

Update – July 2010

I have received word that LaserLyte is making a Rear Sight Laser for the Taurus SLIM 709 and 740 pistols.  The really nice thing is LaserLyte sent word that one is on its way to me for review.

The LaserLyte RL-TS Rear Sight Laser for the Taurus SLIM 709 and 740 pistols is expected to ship in two months, and you will have a full review on it to help you make a buying decision.

The laser will retail for $199.95, but pricing on the street will be much lower.  Stay tuned for more information on the LaserLyte rear laser sight for the Taurus SLIM line of handguns.  These things may get a lot of traction in the coming months.

LaserLyte Taurus SLIM

Update – August 2010

LaserLyte officially announced the rear sight laser for the Taurus 709, 740, and 708 Slim pistols. As I previously posted, the RL-TS laser was shipped to me in advance of the notice, and a full review will be posted next week.

The new laser sight is similar to the previous models released by LaserLyte. The laser unit is incorporated into the rear sight, meaning it generally will not affect the use of any holsters you may already have for your Taurus Slim pistol. This is a huge advantage over some competing products.

The LaserLyte RL-TS has two modes: steady-on and pulse. The laser is red, and has an approximate run time of six hours.

LaserLyte Taurus SLIM

Update – February 2012

LaserLyte Springfield XDLaserLyte announced the re-introduction of a rear sight laser for the Springfield XD and XD(M) pistols.  The LaserLyte rear sight lasers are a rear sight replacement that mounts a red laser at the back of the pistol’s slide.

The rear sight looks like the standard “box” rear sight found on Glock pistols, with two small barrels on either side of the sight.  The system seems to work well for many people.

Battery life is pretty good, with a stated run-time of five hours in normal use.  The laser also has a pulse mode, which extends battery life to 10 hours of use.

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My son bought me this for Christmas…it works very well. I am shooting a half dollar size pattern at 30′ with a Glock 27. Works very well, and does not interfere with holster. Not sure about long term set-in yet…but appears to be a great site.

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