New Weatherby Guns for 2014

Weatherby SA-459 Reaper

Weatherby will be bringing out a number of new guns in 2014.  We’ve got a sneak peak into two of the new shotguns today.

SA-459 Black Reaper TR

The SA-459 is a semi-automatic shotgun designed for home defense or tactical purposes.  The guns are made in Turkey, which has become a respectable off-shore location for quality shotguns.  The SA-459 TR has a rubberized pistol grip, a machined receiver and an 18 1/2″ chrome lined barrel with a ported choke tube.

Black Reaper TR versions of the SA-459 retain all of the tactical aspects of the shotguns, but with the Black Reaper camo pattern finish from Proveil.

Weatherby PA-459 TR Typhon

PA-459 Typhon TR

A pump-action gun in the PA-459 line of shotguns, the Typhon TR is a tactical style gun with the Kryptek Typhon camp pattern on the stock and forearm.  Barrel length is 18.5″ with a ported choke tube.  The shotgun is outfitted with an adjustable rear sight, a green bar front sight and a Picatinny rail on the receiver for the addition of an optic.  The forearm has a Picatinny rail for the addition of a light or other accessory.

Weatherby Mk-V Ultra Lightweight RC

Other New Weatherby Guns

Weatherby will also introduce a new Mark V Ultra Lightweight RC rifle in 2014.  The new gun will be a guaranteed sub-MOA shooter with a fluted barrel and a lightweight composite stock.  I don’t have more information than that on the gun.

Weatherby Mk V Terramark RC

Another new Weatherby rifle for 2014 will be the Mark V Terramark RC.  This gun will also be a sub-MOA gun.  It will have a composite stock with a distinctive, earth-colored camo pattern (unknown if it is an existing pattern.)  The gun’s action will have a flat dark earth Cerakote finish, and the stainless steel barrel will be fluted.

We will try to get more information and photos of these guns at the SHOT Show this coming January.

By Richard Johnson

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