The Advanced Police Carbine: B&T APC 300

B&T APC 300 carbine

B&T AG is getting ready to start production of the new APC 300.  The APC, or Advanced Police Carbine, will be chambered in .300 Whisper, and is designed from the ground up for the cartridge.  The gun is full-auto capable and is intended for use with a sound suppressor.  The APC 300 fires from a closed bolt.

B&T states the gun is adaptable to right- and left-handed shooters, and comes with an ambidextrous charging handle, magazine release, bolt release and selector switch.

With the company’s ROTEX suppressor and a 220 grain subsonic load, the APC 300’s noise signature is “…well below 140 dB.”  According to B&T, this makes the APC 300 “more quiet than the (H&K) MP5SD, but with a greater range.”

B&T APC300 carbine

The fore end will have four Picatinny-type accessory rails.  The top of the receiver will also be outfitted with a rail for the easy addition of an optic.  No iron sights are expected to ship with the gun.

Currently, B&T anticipates shipping the APC 300 with an Aimpoint Micro TL1 optic, a single point sling, a vertical foregrip, two 30-round magazines, a cleaning kit and hard plastic carry case.  Options will include sound suppressors and a weapon mounted light.

The stock both folds and adjusts for length.

new B&T APC 300 carbine

Production will start in early 2014, and the rifle is planned to be available in March or April.  The company expects to finalize the specifications shortly and will publish them when production starts around February.

By Richard Johnson

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