New Smith & Wesson 929: 8-Shot 9mm Revolver

Chambered for the most popular handgun cartridge currently made, the Smith & Wesson 929 is an 8-shot 9mm revolver from the Performance Center.

Introduced in December of 2013, Smith & Wesson posted a teaser video for the new model 929 revolver on YouTube. In it, the company described the revolver, many of its features and how it was tuned by the Performance Center. Additionally, the video explained why the new S&W 929, a full-size revolver, was chambered for the 9mm cartridge.

9mm revolver 8 shot

The new 929 revolver is a product of the Smith & Wesson Performance Center, and it appears to be built for competition. The gun holds eight rounds in the titanium cylinder and will likely use full moon clips like most of the other rimless cartridge revolvers the company has made.

Barrel length is 6.5″ long and is ported. A glass bead finish is standard.

Performance Center 9mm compensator

The gun ships with a 10-pound double-action (DA) trigger pull, and a 3.5-4 pound single-action (SA) trigger pull. Hogue synthetic grips are standard.

The 929 is not the first 9mm revolver made by Smith & Wesson. I doubt it will be the last either. Prior models include the model 940, a Centennial model that held five rounds and could be had with a 1.5″, 2″ or 3″ barrel. An Airweight version of the gun, the 942, was prototyped, but never produced. (More on the 942 can be found in the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson.)

Smith and Wesson Model 929

I believe this is the first Smith & Wesson revolver to use the 929 model number. Some of the revolver model numbers have been recycled over the years, but I did not find any prior reference to it in my reference literature. If you know of another 929 model, please let me know in the comments section below.

Smith 929 close


Smith & Wesson official announced the 929, providing some additional information. The following is a better photo of the model 929 and the specifications given. Also, the company announced the addition of a second 9mm revolver: the model 986 Pro Series.

Smith & Wesson 929 9mm Revolver


  • removable compensator
  • cylinder cut for moon clips
  • chrome trigger and hammer
  • hand-tuned action
929 cylinder on 929 Performance Center revolver

Smith & Wesson 929 Specifications

Capacity8 rounds
Actiontraditional DA/SA
Barrel Length6.5″
Overall Length12.25″
Weight44.2 oz
SightsPatridge front, adjustable rear
Frame Materialstainless steel
MSRP (as of 6/26/2022)$1,269

Last Update: June 26, 2022

By Richard Johnson

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Very nice 9mm!! Wanted to purchase one.
However even on the S&W website on the buy now tabs,with 2 dealers it show ”out of stock”,
not available.
Nice revolver,but know one has one on hand for sale that I can find.

Saw one at the range the other day, the guy forgot his tool to take the empty shells out of the moon clip and he said his thumb was sore. Yes you need a tool to put rounds in and out of that moon clip and rounds alone will not fire if not inserted in that clip. Personally i wouldn’t buy a gun where you “need” to insert rounds in a moon clip to fire.

I’m not willing to pay more than $850.00 got yhr 929:8 as I do not believe the price is anything more than inflated, please let me know when you come to your senses, and I’ll give you a credit card number.

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