New Mossberg Patriot Rifles

Mossberg will introduce a new line of bolt-action rifles at the SHOT Show called the Patriot. The new Mossberg Patriot rifle line is possibly the most complete line of guns ever introduced at one time: more than 50 models are in the initial release.

And…there is a reason for the vast number of rifle options at the introduction. Mossberg will progressively eliminate both the ATR and 4×4 lines as the Patriot rifles are introduced.

The line-up includes guns with wood and synthetic stocks, short- and long-actions, youth editions and scoped packages.

Let’s take a look at what is being introduced…

Standard Patriot Rifles

The Patriot rifle is a classically styled bolt-action rifle that will be available in 11 of the most popular hunting calibers. The base line is a solid offering with walnut, laminate and black synthetic stock options.

Stocks made of walnut and laminate have a stippled grip and forend that provides visual interest in addition to better gripping in wet weather.

The initial short-action caliber choices are:

  • .22-250 Rem
  • .243 Rem
  • 7mm-08 Rem
  • .308 Win

Long-action Mossberg Patriot rifle calibers offered at launch are:

  • .25-06 Rem
  • .270 Win
  • .30-06 Sprg
  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • .300 Win Mag
  • .338 Win Mag
  • .375 Ruger

All of the standard calibers will have five round magazines while the magnum calibers are limited to four rounds.

Standard Patriot rifles come with 22″ barrels. All of the models have fluted barrels with the exception of those equipped with rifle sights. Those guns have unfluted barrels. Youth models have shorter barrels (see below.)

Mossberg Patriot barrels have a 1:10″ twist except the .22-250 Rem, 7mm-08 Rem and 7mm Rem Mag. The .22-250 has a 1:14″ twist while the two 7mm calibers use a 1:9.5″.

Most of the guns have a matte blue finish on the gun. A few have the company’s weather-resistant Marinecote finish as an option. Refer to the below tables to see which calibers have this option. The Marinecote finish is not available on rifles with the walnut stocks.

All of the Patriot rifles come with the company’s LBA adjustable trigger. These triggers are user-adjustable from 2 – 7 pounds.

Bolts are spiral fluted, and the bolt handles have been re-designed by Mossberg to be more streamlined. The handles have a ring of checkering around them.

Mossberg uses Weaver-type scope bases on all of the rifles. This makes it very simple to add glass. Several of the models also come with rifle sights. These units still have the Weaver bases, but add a fiber optic front sight with a notch rear.

Short Action Model Specifications

CaliberCapacityBarrelTwistSightsStock Options
.22-250522″ fluted1:14″Weaver bases onlywalnut, black synthetic
.243 Win522″ fluted1:10″Weaver bases onlywalnut, black synthetic
7mm-08522″ fluted1:9.5″Weaver bases onlywalnut, black synthetic
.308 Win522″ fluted1:10″Weaver bases onlywalnut, laminate and black synthetic

Long Action Model Specifications

CaliberCapacityBarrelTwistSightsStock Options
.25-06 Rem522″ fluted1:10″Weaver bases onlywalnut, black synthetic
.270 Win522″ fluted & non-fluted, Marinecote optional1:10″Weaver bases onlywalnut, laminate and black synthetic
.30-06 Sprg522″ fluted & non-fluted, Marinecote optional1:10″Weaver bases, rifle sights optionalwalnut, laminate and black synthetic
7mm Rem Mag422″ fluted1:9.5″Weaver bases onlywalnut, black synthetic
.300 Win Mag422″ fluted & non-fluted, Marinecote optional1:10″Weaver bases, rifle sights optionalwalnut, laminate and black synthetic
.338 Win Mag422″ fluted & non-fluted1:10″Weaver bases, rifle sights optionalwalnut, black synthetic
.375 Ruger422″ fluted & non-fluted, Marinecote optional1:10″Weaver bases, rifle sights optionalwalnut, laminate and black synthetic

Scope Packages

Mossberg Patriot Scoped Package

Mossberg will offer a total of nine different scoped rifle packages with the Patriot rifle. Short-action guns will be available in .22-250 Rem and .308 Win with a walnut stock, while the synthetic stock can only be had with the .308 Win.

Long-action shooters have a few more options with walnut and synthetic stocks being available in .270 Win, .30-06 Sprg, and .300 Win Mag.

All of the scoped guns have a 22″ fluted barrel and ship with a 3-9x 40mm variable scope. All of the scoped package rifles have a matte blue finish on the metal parts.

.22-250 Rem5walnut
.308 Win5walnut, black synthetic
.270 Win5walnut, black synthetic
.30-06 Sprg5walnut, black synthetic
.300 Win Mag4walnut, black synthetic

Deer Thugs Models

In addition to the standard scoped packages, Mossberg is offering a Deer Thugs-branded model that uses the Break-Up Infinity camo pattern on the synthetic stock. These are available in .243 Win, .270 Win and .30-06 Sprg calibers only.

All of the standard Deer Thugs models have a 22″ fluted barrel with a matte blue finish. You models with a 20″ barrel are listed below.

Youth Rifles

Traditionally, Mossberg has supported future hunters and shooters with youth models of many of their popular guns. Normally, the company doesn’t offer just one youth model with limited features, rather Mossberg tends to offer a wide variety of guns in smaller sizes.

In the new Patriot line, Mossberg is introducing 12 youth models out of the gate. This is more than some companies offer in their entire catalog.

A basic youth model with a walnut stock is available in .243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem and .308 Win. This gun has a 20″ fluted barrel and a 12″ length of pull (LOP) stock.

The remaining 11 youth models all have synthetic stocks with adjustable lengths of pull. Some of these rifles are available as scoped packages with the same 3-9x 40mm scope that is available in the full size scoped rifle packages.

While the standard synthetic stock is black, there are two additional options: Muddy Girl camo and Break-Up Infinity camo. Both of these camo options are only available as scoped packages.

ModelCaliberCapacityBarrelLength of PullStock Options
Bantam.243 Win, 7mm-08, .308 Win520″ fluted12″walnut, reduced LOP
Super Bantam.243 Win, 7mm-08, .308 Win520″ flutedadjustable 12″-13″black synthetic, adjustable LOP
Super Bantam, scoped package.243 Win, 7mm-08, .308 Win520″ flutedadjustable 12″-13″black synthetic, Muddy Girl camo, Break-Up Infinity (all adjustable LOP)

Kryptek Models

Mossberg Patriot in Kryptek

In August of 2015, Mossberg added five new rifles to the Patriot line. These rifles are offered in calibers already represented in the line, but they sport the popular Kryptk Highlander camo pattern.

The Kryptek rifles are available in these calibers:

  • 243 Win
  • 270 Win
  • 308 Win
  • 30-06 Sprg
  • 300 Win Mag

The MSRP on these rifles is $426 each.

Pricing and Future Models

The standard rifles and scoped packages will carry an MSRP of $386 – $584.

Since the Patriot line is going to eliminate two other rifle lines, new Patriot models will be introduced in the coming months and years. For example, there will be scoped packages that will ship with Vortex Optics scopes.

Additionally, Mossberg will offer Patriot Night Train tactical packages. I do not have any specs on those yet, but I am told they will have an MSRP of $634 – $811.

Final Thoughts

The pricing on the Patriot rifles will appeal to buyers at the lower end of the price curve. However, the rifles appear to be packed with a lot of features and will make up the bulk of the company’s centerfire rifle line up. Certainly Mossberg is throwing all of its proverbial weight being the line with more than 50 models at launch and by stating the elimination of two existing lines.

I expect the Mossberg Patriot 308 and the Mossberg Patriot 30-06 to be the most popular rifles in the mix. However, I suspect all of the guns will sell very well. The scoped packages should do very well, especially with newer hunters who are not gun aficionados.

Updated: April 7, 2022

By Richard Johnson

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I’m glad they have open sighted models, but the two calibers I want don’t even have irons as an option! I may buy an AR without open sights, because that’s an easy fix, but I will NOT buy a bolt action without them, because that is a very difficult and expensive thing to remedy.

It is crazy how this no sight cancer has spread. I have to buy a Brownibg lever to get. .308 with real sights.

I had a chance to check out one of these at Dick’s Sporting Goods today – the action is much smoother than on some other budget rifles I have handled. Looks like a good product.

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