AK Alpha Rifle from Kalashnikov USA

Kalashnikov USA announced the introduction of the AK Alpha rifle to the US market. The new gun uses an AK-style action but upgrades the platform to provide a rifle with more modern features and utility.

A quick glance at the rifle will tell the average gun enthusiast that this rifle is not a common WASR. In fact, nearly everything looks like it has been touched in the modernizing process. According to the company, the rifle was designed with input from a select group of Israel Defense Force (IDF) snipers. I hope that means that the gun is easier to run without sacrificing any of the platform’s reliability.

Two models will be available: the AKL with a 16.338″ barrel and the AKS with a 12.362″ barrel.

Caliber and Charging

AK Alpha

The guns are chambered in the iconic AK cartridge: the 7.62×39. As one would hope, the guns are fed by standard AK magazines, so all of the surplus feeders, plus the newer US Palm and Magpul mags should all run in these rifles. The magazine catch lever is in the same spot, though the catch has been upgraded.

The bolt can be run from the right or left side of the gun. Although Kalashnikov USA claims the charging handle is ambidextrous, it appears to be swappable from side to side.

Features and Accessories

AK Alfa detail

A full-length Picatinny rail adorns the top of the gun. This allows for the very easy addition of sights and an optic. Compared to some of the kludgy ways of adding red dots to traditional AK-pattern rifles, this is a nice addition.

Upfront, a KeyMod handguard is used. This keeps things relatively light while still providing a way to add accessories.

A big change from the traditional AK is the manual safety selector. Kalashnikov USA opted to install an ambidextrous AR-style selector. Purists might balk, but there are a lot of people who prefer this style.

On the back end, Kalashnikov uses a buttstock that folds and is adjustable for length of pull. The stock even includes a cheek riser to help you get a better fit on the rifle.

The pistol grip has interchangeable panels. These allow the owner to find the most comfortable fit for his/her needs. The grip also has a watertight storage compartment for batteries should you decide to run a red dot on top.

While there is nothing wrong with this grip, I much prefer the AK pistol grip from Magpul.

Many shooters may recognize some of the components looking like parts from CAA. This is an accurate assessment. A glance at the CAA site shows these exact rifles. Additionally, the CAA site shows a 5.56 variant using Galil magazines. I’ve reached out to the Kalashnikov USA media rep for additional information.

Pricing and Specs


No MSRP has been set yet, and an exact shipping date has not yet been announced.

Magazine Capacity3030
Barrel Length16.338″16.362″
Overall Length26.98″-37.4″12.362″-22.99″
Weight7.7 lbs7 lbs
Stockfolding, adjustable lengthfolding, adjustable length
MSRPnot yet availablenot yet available

Shipping Update

Unfortunately, Kalashnikov USA canceled this project. It appears the gun was announced before the company worked out all of the production details. Ultimately, the project was abandoned in favor of more traditional platforms like the KS-12 shotgun.

Since that time, the leadership in the company changed. With the new CEO came a philosophy of only announcing products that are ready to ship. While this project is no longer on the table, the company has several new guns coming that will likely be of interest to a variety of shooters. One is the new Kalashnikov USA Komrad.

Last Update: October 17, 2022

By Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is a gun writer, amateur historian and - most importantly - a dad. He's done a lot of silly things in his life, but quitting police work to follow his passion of writing about guns was one of the smartest things he ever did. He founded this site and continues to manage its operation.

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this is an abomination boat anchor of a rifle. Shame really. They should of played it safe and copied the iwi galil.

What I meant to say is, this rifle is ugly as sin. Looks like an after thought in the design department.

It’s a shame. I really want this company to succeed, but it looks like they’re not really putting any thought into their designs. Look at that gaping hole near rear of the charging handle, and the numerous other things that are wrong with this rifle.

You probably like high points. He’s probably just a call of duty guy and doesn’t own a single gun

That rifle would suit me fine! I can’t see the front and rear sights anymore. By using optics, that eliminates that problem. With the full picatinny rail, I’d be able to see and aim at the target with no problems at all.

With current AK’s the kluge to use optics just adds more weight, and is cumbersome to use. With the unit that I bought I had to make sure that it had the side mount so that an optic adapter could be used to support a red dot device.

This new style puts the AK in the same league with the AR-15. Now items can be mounted in a normal manner. I’ve yet to know if the dust cover is the same way as the old AK’s. If that’s the case, then I would question the accuracy of any optic which is mounted rearward, close to the butt. That cover better be rock solid to be viable.

Puts the AK up with the AR……. You mean above. Ive owned both of many variations and ill take an old school AK over An AR15 any day when it comes to dependability and reliability and the amount of rounds that it can cycle in a single setting. AR are overpriced neat looking toys

I’ve owned and shot the M16 / AR / M4 for many years. They have been completely dependable. They are also more accurate, lighter in weight, more modular, a higher degree of quality control and more readily available. Also, buy a parts kit for the AK and try and put it together, with the rivets and pressed in barrels. Most people on these blogs regurgitate what they hear, rather than what they actually know. The AK is a good weapon. I own several it has limitations, as all weapons do.

That rifle is absolutely sick, and I cannot wait to get my hands on one. Takes the m10x a few steps farther, and brings ak’s into the modern age. #droolinginanticipation

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