Air Gun and Accessory Reviews

Although GunsHolstersAndGear mainly covers news and reviews on firearms, air guns of all kinds are something of interest to a large number of our readers. So, I have decided to include a number of reviews and other informative articles about these kinds of guns on the site.

Air pistols and air rifles, such as the modern .22 and .25 caliber hunting guns, have become powerful options for the shooting enthusiast. No longer is the Daisy Red Rider BB gun considered state of the art. Rather, modern air guns offer a wide range of options including sound attenuators and semi-automatic capabilities.

These are not to be confused with airsoft guns. This is a completely different kind of tool with air powered projectiles. Airsoft guns can be used for training purposes in addition to fun target shooting. For a law enforcement officer or armed citizen, getting force on force training using airsoft or marking rounds can be a real eye opener on what techniques actually work in a dynamic environment.

Both air guns and airsoft guns have a place in hands of many firearms shooters. So, here on this page, I will list all of the reviews and other articles I have done on air powered guns. If you have any suggestions for new guns I should cover, please drop me a note via the contact page.

Air Gun Accessory Reviews

SIG SAUER Airgun Reflex Target – I take a look at the spinning double target from SIG SAUER. This target does have its drawbacks, but it is a fun spinner to shoot with an air rifle. I would avoid it if you are shooting a 12g air gun.

SIG SAUER Airgun Quad Gallery Target – Out of all the SIG Airgun target systems I’ve tried, this one is my favorite. It does share a drawback that the other SIG targets have. However, if you understand this issue, you will be able to make an informed purchasing decision.

SIG Airgun Texas Star Spinner Target – This one left me disappointed. You’re not going to want to shoot this one with a common pistol. Beyond that, mine arrived needing to be fixed. What did the world do before JB Weld?

Air Gun Reviews

Crosman Nitro Piston – This review is of the break barrel Nitro Piston. Crosman built this fine and affordable airgun. The one I tested came with a 3-9x scope and was chambered for .22 caliber projectiles.

HatsanUSA Gladius – This is my current favorite air rifle that doesn’t break the bank. It offers a wide range of features and is deadly accurate. Read my review for the full scoop.

SIG SAUER P320 Airgun – Sadly, this gun disappointed me. While it looks like the popular P320 centerfire handgun, I found the 12g cartridges delivered inconsistent velocity and accuracy. Additionally, the magazine was tedious to load and seemed flimsy. There is a use case for it, but you should probably read my evaluation before buying.

Airsoft Guns and Accessories

CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 Introduction – Action Sports Games introduced a very cool airsoft reproduction of the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 sub gun at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The unit is a select fire model with semi-automatic, three round burst and full auto rock and roll. It was the best looking new airsoft gun at the show that year.


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