SIG Airgun Quad Shooting Gallery Review

Shooting reactive targets is a lot more fun than simply poking holes in paper. Knowing this, SIG SAUER offers a range of target systems in its SIG Airgun line. Today, I take a look at the SIG Airgun Quad Shooting Gallery.

Some of SIG’s other airgun products have failed to impress me. This product reversed that trend, and I can happily recommend this target system as being both fun and durable. Its usefulness is not universal, but if you are shooting an accurate and precise airgun, you will get a lot of mileage out of this shooting target.

General Information

SIG SAUER made a serious investment into the airgun market. While the company may not be as well known in this market as some other companies, it does offer a wide range of products including more than 20 different air powered pistols and rifles, 13 different pellet options, and a range of different accessories and targets.

This target, the SIG Airgun Quad Shooting Gallery, is a metal target system with a pellet trap to capture fired projectiles.

The system has four ISPC-shaped targets with a fifth target in the center that is round with the SIG logo on it. As you hit the ISPC-style targets, they fall. You can then hit the center, round target to reset the others.

As with the other SIG Airgun targets I’ve reviewed, this set is not intended for use with steel BBs. Only lead pellets with less than 20 ft-lbs of energy should be used to ensure the target system is not damaged and it stops the projectiles.

SIG uses all metal construction in this target system. As you might imagine, this makes it heavy. However, it is still light enough to be easily carried out into the yard or pasture for intermittent use.

SIG lists the MSRP for this gallery at $49.99. (See the Amazon price here.)


This was the third SIG Airgun target system I tried and approached it with some trepidation. The other two targets I tried, the Airgun Texas Star Spinner and the Reflex Target (you can click those links to read my reviews of them.) Neither of those two products impressed me, and I recommended against buying the Texas star based on my experience with it.

So, when I pulled the Quad Shooting Gallery out of the box, I was prepared for disappointment. Fortunately for me, I was very pleased with this target system. It was ready to go out of the box, and it worked exactly as I expected it should.

The targets are relatively small, which is no problem with an air rifle. I dozens of pellets with the Hatsan Gladius air rifle and a 1.5-4x Leupold scope. All but one found their mark (I don’t know what I did on that one.) I did dial down the power on the Gladius to make sure I was under the energy recommendations from SIG.

With a less precise air pistol, like the SIG P320 I also tested, I found the targets to be too small at 25 yards. The SIG P320 runs on 12g cartridges, which I found produced significant fluctuations in velocity. Consequently, grouping was not ideal. If I had only a imprecise pistol such as this, the target system would have been a disappointment.

SIG Airgun .177 caliber lead pellets

Closer in, the size of the targets was less of an issue, but pellets bouncing back became a bit more concerning. Although the trap does a good job at catching most projectiles, some do bounce back straight off of the targets. You want to wear eye pro and make sure you follow the company’s suggestions regarding ammunition selection and minimum safe distances.

SIG includes 20 replacement stickers (a total of 5 complete sets) for the targets. These are nice, but a can of white spray paint will also get the job done.

Final Thoughts

Of the three SIG Airgun targets I tested, this is the only one that I liked. I would prefer larger targets for shooting with a pistol like the P320. However, with a reasonably accurate air rifle, this is more than acceptable.

Although you still want to make sure you have an appropriate backstop when shooting, the trap on this target system helps to collect projectiles. When you finish shooting, you just tilt the trap up and over to dump out the projectiles.

At almost $50, many air gun shooters might pass on the SIG Airgun Quad Shooting Gallery. I understand and wouldn’t blame you if you did.

In my opinion, it is a much better system than the others from SIG I reviewed. If you like the idea of shooting and getting that instant feedback of a target falling, this is a good choice. As long as you don’t abuse it, it should last a long time. And, I think that over time it will pay you back many times over in both fun and the cost of paper targets.


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