2015 NASGW Show

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For a sneak peek into the new guns for the next year, industry insiders know that the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Expo & Annual Meeting is the place to be. Typically held in the fall of every year, manufacturers offer an early preview of new gear to distributors at this closed-to-the-public show.

Fortunately, you read GunsHolstersAndGear.com, so you get a front row seat to the event.

I will be at this year’s show again. All of the new guns and gear I find will be posted here. Some significant new gear will get a more in-depth article that will be linked to from this page.

The 2015 NASGW Expo will start on October 28 and run through the end of the week. As I find new things, I will update this page – so check back frequently.


This section lists pistols and revolvers that are being shown at the NASGW Expo. While many are new, some will be previously announced but not yet shipping.

American Tactical BB6
American Tactical BB6

BB Techs is making these pistols and the guns will be sold under the American Tactical name in the United States. The pistols are striker-fired, have a polymer frame and are chambered in 9mm. Magazines will hold 18 rounds. Interestingly the slide is cut for a red dot optic.

Excel X-9P
Excel X-9P

Excel Arms is now manufacturing a 9mm pistol that has the same basic styling as the company’s updated X-22P pistol. The X-9P uses Glock magazines. It has an 8.5″ barrel and an overall length of 16″. According to the company, the gun’s weight is 4.5 pounds. However, it seemed very well balanced when I held it at the NASGW show. Using a typical two-handed pistol grip seemed easy enough.

The company will offer a stock adaptor for the pistol should anyone wish to SBR the gun.

Honor Guard
Honor Guard pistol

Honor Defense was on hand to show off the new models that will begin shipping in November. The standard version has a 3.2″ barrel while the long slide ups it to 3.8″. Read the full story on the Honor Guard pistols by clicking here.

Llama Micromax
Llama Micromax

The Llama name is back, though the company is now based in the Philippines instead of Spain. The Micromax is a shrunken 1911-style pistol chambered in .380 ACP. It is a single action gun with a 7 round magazine. The metal is a matte blue and the stocks are wood. The finish of the sample gun at the show was good, and though small, it fit pretty well in the hand. Eagle Imports handles the importation and distribution of these guns. They expect to ship these to the public toward the end of the first quarter of 2016.

Schmeisser SLP-9
Schmeisser SLP-9

The Schmeisser name is well known in the historical firearms community and with European shooters. Here in the United States, the name is less familiar with the average shooter. That may be about to change. The company is set to introduce the new SLP-9 pistol. It has some promising features and design characteristics. However, the suggested retail price of $499 might be the thing that causes many shooters to give it a look. Read my article on the gun by clicking here.

American Tactical Mil-Sport AR-15
American Tactical Mil-Sport 9mm AR-15

American Tactical is showing a new series of AR pistols and rifles chambered in 9mm. This one has a 5.5″ barrel with a 2″ flash suppressor that is surrounded by a 7″ KeyMod hand guard. It takes Glock magazines.

Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT
Bersa Thunder 9 Pro XT

This new handgun from Bersa is designed for competition and sport shooting. It has a 5″ barrel, fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. It uses a DA/SA design.

Beretta Pico
Beretta Pico

Just ahead of the NASGW show, Beretta announced an updated Pico pistol. These new guns have upgraded internals that allow for easier trigger pull and slide manipulation. Additionally, LaserMax has teamed up with Beretta to offer specialized frames with integral white lights and lasers.

Llama Max-I
Llama Maxi-I pistol

The Llama Max-I is a full size 1911-style pistol that is designed to offer real value to the budget shooter. This .45 ACP pistol is built in the Philippines and imported into the US by Eagle Imports. The display pistol at the NASGW show was very nice with an excellent slide to frame fit. These guns will have a 5″ barrel and 8 round magazines.

Updated Excel Arms X-22P
Excel X-22P

Excel Arms updated the X-22P pistol to add an accessory rail under the barrel. Additionally, the gun has lengthened the top rail which can increase the sight radius if you are adding AR-style folding sights.

Ported S&W M&P Shield
Smith and Wesson Ported Shield Pistol

Smith & Wesson announced a pair of ported Shield pistols at the NASGW Expo. These new guns are produced by the company’s Performance Center and include fiber optic sights. I am expecting to see the company’s Second Generation M&P pistols at the 2016 SHOT Show in January.

Long Guns

As with the handguns above, these rifles and shotguns are on display at the show. I will give priority to providing information on brand new guns, but updates on existing lines will also be included.

American Tactical Mil-Sport 9mm AR-15 Carbine
American Tactical Mil-Sport 9mm AR-15 Carbine

As with the pistol listed above, the new American Tactical carbine is chambered in 9mm and uses Glock pistol magazines. This rifle has a 16″ barrel, KeyMod handguard and an adjustable buttstock.

American Tactical Omni Hybrid MAXX FDE
American Tactical Omni Hybrid MAXX FDE

This is a new variation of the company’s existing line of AR-15 rifles. As you can see, this gun uses a flat dark earth finish and furniture.

Weatherby Vanguard Laminate H-Bar
Weatherby Vanguard Laminate H-Bar rifle

Another new Vanguard rifle from Weatherby is the Laminate H-Bar. The company guarantees sub-MOA accuracy with premium ammunition. It has an adjustable stock, but it is not compatible with anyone shooting from the left shoulder. The heavy barrel is 22″ long. Initial calibers will be .223 Rem, .22-250 Rem and .308 Win.

Winchester XPR Hunter
Winchester XPR Hunter

Winchester Repeating Arms is expanding the XPR Hunter line to include a number of new calibers. The new guns will be chambered in:

  • .243 Win
  • 7mm-08
  • .308 Win
  • .270 WSM
  • .300 WSM
  • .325 WSM
  • 7mm Rem Mag

These rifles have a nickel Teflon coated bolt, detachable box magazine and a free-floated barrel. The stock has a Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern with an integral recoil pad.

Howa MultiCam Target Master
Howa Multicam Targetmaster

The MultiCam Target Master features a Howa 1500 barreled action in a Hogue pillar-bedded stock that is hydrodipped with the MultiCam pattern. The action and barrel have a FDE Cerakote finish. The rifle has a two-stage trigger and detachable polymer magazine. In the Target Master configuration, a Nikko Stirling 4-16×44 scope is standard, as is the Buffalo River bipod. The barrel length is 20″ or 24″ depending on the caliber. The available calibers are .223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Win and .300 Win Mag.

Weatherby Vanguard Modular Chassis Rifle
Weatherby Modular Chassis Rifle

Weatherby is attempting to entice tactical shooters with the new Modular Chassis Rifle. The new gun has a Luth-AR rear stock, a 22″ bull barrel and an accuracy guarantee (less than 1″ for a three-shot group at 100 yards.) It is chambered in .223 Remington and .308 Winchester. Both calibers use a detachable polymer magazine.

Webley & Scott Empire
Webley and Scott Empire

The new Empire bolt action rifle features a Minelli walnut stock, jeweled bolt, knurled bolt knob, deep blued gloss finish and detachable, flush-fit magazine. Initially, the gun will be available in both .270 Win and .30-06 Sprg calibers. The Empire is built by Howa for Webley & Scott. Rifles will MSRP for $899 with a scoped package running $1,049.

Excel X-9R
Excel X-9R

To match the company’s new X-9P, Excel Arms announced a new rifle chambered for the 9mm cartridge. The X-9R, like the X-9P (described above), uses Glock magazines. The rifle has a 16″ barrel and weighs 6.25 pounds. The company does offer a California-legal bullet button option for the gun.

McMillan Heritage Hunting Rifles
McMillan Heritage Hunting Rifle

Built on the company’s G-31 long action, the Heritage Hunting Rifles from McMillan are very similar to the Legacy rifles (described below). Initially, the following calibers will be available:

  • 6.5×284 Norma
  • 7mm Rem Mag
  • .284 Win
  • .30-06 Sprg
  • .300 Win Mag

The barrel and action have a black Cerakote finish for corrosion resistance. Stock options include various walnut, nutmeg and fiberglass options. The suggested retail price starts at $3,095.

McMillan Legacy Hunting Rifles
McMillan Legacy Hunting rifle

McMillan announced a new line of guns called the Legacy Hunting Rifles. The name is descriptive as it clearly identifies the purpose for which McMillan built these. McMillan built these around its own G31 short action. Calibers available are .223 Rem, .243 Win, .260 Rem, .308 Win and .300 WSM. Barrels are match grade, fluted and have a target crown though a muzzle brake is optional. Various stocks are available from XX Walnut to the company’s fiberglass stocks. MSRP varies depending on stock, caliber and other options. However, the base price is $3,095.

Armalite AR-10 PRC308 Precision Rifle
Armalite AR10PRC20

Armalite took advantage of its relationship with Surgeon Rifles and AWC Silencers when developing the new AR-10 PRC308. The company claims the new rifle offers consistency in suppressed and unsuppressed rifles that is unmatched in the industry. These guns have a selectable gas block, Giessele two stage trigger, 20″ barrel, Magpul PRS, AWC thread over muzzle brake, ambidextrous charging handle and safety and more. The rifle ships with a 20-round Magpul magazine.

Armalite M-15 Light Tactical Carbine
Armalite M15LTC16

Armalite introduced a new rifle that attempts to strike a balance between features and weight while still remain affordable. The result is the M-15 Light Tactical Carbine. This rifle weighs 6 pounds and is outfitted with an adjustable stock, KeyMod hand guard, 16″ barrel and a single stage trigger. Three calibers are available: 5.56 NATO, 7.62×39 and 6.8 SPC II. MSRP will run from $999-$1,099 depending on caliber.

Troy Optics Ready PAR
Troy PAR

The Pump Action Rifle (PAR) from Troy has gotten a serious upgrade for hunters. The new rifles are chambered in .308 Win, 7mm-08, .243 Win and .338 Federal. The .338 Federal is available with either a black or Mossy Oak finish, while the others are black only. The guns are 50 state legal and ship with a 10-round magazine.

Diamondback Split from Taurus

I don’t know all of the details that led up to the split, but Diamondback Firearms and Taurus have gone their separate ways. I never thought it was a good fit, and I am glad to see Diamondback free of any Taurus entanglements. Much like the Walther-Smith & Wesson break up, this may work well for both companies.

Just Right Carbines – Third Generation
Just Right Carbines

I spoke with the crew from Just Right Carbines. In 2016, the company will begin shipping its third generation rifles. These new guns will feature a removable stock and a lifetime warranty. The stock will have the ability to quickly detach to make cleaning the receiver and bolt very easy. A Just Right representative advised there will be an upgrade kit for current guns that want to have a removable stock. These kits will retail for less than $100.

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Trident
Battle Rifle Company

Battle Rifle Company announced a new AR-style rifle designed for use on and around the water. The company used a Hi Temp Cerakote process to finish all of the external parts and used a nickel boron coating on the bolt carrier group. The company stated it used a “nano technology” to create watertight seals. Rifles are available with either a 11.5″ or 16″ barrel and are available in semi-automatic and select fire variants.

Adams Arms .308 Rifles
Adams Arms rifle

Adams Arms will be showing the company’s new line of .308 Win rifles. These guns are short-stroke piston guns similar to the existing 5.56 NATO rifles. This will be my first chance to put hands on the .30 caliber versions of the gun, and I am looking forward to talking to them about the rifles.

Just Right Carbines .357 SIG
Just Right Carbines 357 SIG

Just Right Carbines added the .357 SIG to the company’s rifle line up. The rifle uses Glock magazines and has a 17″ threaded barrel. A 15-round magazine is included with the gun.

Other Shooting Gear

While guns are a major focus at the Expo, there are many other gun and shooting accessories on display. In this category, you will find ammunition, magazines, stocks, optics and more.

Kinetic Concealment MG-01
Kinetic Concealment

Kinetic Concealment is now offering a green laser sight. The most remarkable thing about the unit is it’s unheard of price: $79.99. The company will also offer holsters for guns that are equipped with this unit.

Meprolight FRBS 4D – Self Illuminated BUS
FRBS 4D sights Meprolight

Meprolight introduced tritium enhanced folders for use as backup sights on an AR-15 or other rifle. The front sight post has a tritium stripe while the rear of the FRBS has four tritium dots – one at each of the compass points. The FRBS 2D puts one dot each in the east and west positions only.

Stealth Operator Holster
Stealth Operator holster

This is not a brand new holster, but it is new to me. The Stealth Operator is a synthetic rig molded of a hard nylon that is less rigid and more flexible than Kydex. Between the design and material, the one holster fits dozens of different handguns. I’ve got a pair of these holsters for review, so look for that coming soon.

AWC THOR Raider Suppressor
AWC THOR Raider suppressor

AWC redesigned the THOR Raider suppressor for 2016. The 5.56 suppressors are light weight, compact and are said to be hearing safe in both confined and open spaces. The units are made of titanium and are less than 7″ long. The MSRP is $890.

Nexus Ammo Match
Nexus Match Ammo

Nexus Ammo announced a new line of match grade ammunition that is said to achieve “tolerances rarely seen even in hand-load applications.” The ammunition will be available in the following calibers:

  • .223 Rem (77 gr HPBT @ 2,767 fps)
  • .260 Rem (136 gr Scenar-L OTM @ 2,805 fps)
  • 300 BLK (125 gr HP @ 1,857 fps)
  • 300 BLK (220 gr HPBT @ 1,001 fps)
  • .308 Win (168 gr HPBT @ 2,706 fps)
  • .308 Win (175 gr HPBT @ 2,530 fps)
  • .308 Win (175 gr HPBT @ 1,031 fps)
  • .308 Win (220 gr HPBT @ 1,001 fps)
  • .300 Win Mag (190 gr HPBT @ 2,960 fps)
  • .300 Win Mag (220 gr HPBT @ 2,784 fps)
  • .338 Lapua (250 gr HPBT @ 2,805 fps)
  • .338 Lapua (300 gr HPBT @ 2,710 fps)
Troy M-LOK Rails for AK Rifles
M-Lok Handguard for AK-47

Troy is now making short (10″) and long (13.5″) M-LOK rails for AK pattern rifles. The machined aluminum and steel rails are very light in the hand. MSRP is $125-$140 depending on length.

Troy Claymore AK Muzzle Brake
Claymore AK Muzzle Brake

Troy developed a new muzzle brake for the AK-47 type rifle called the Claymore. The Claymore works as an improvised breaching device, disperses flash and directs sound forward. It also helps to increase gun control during rapid/full auto fire.

Hornady Critical Duty in 10mm
Critical Duty 10mm

Hornady announced a new 10mm load in the Critical Duty line. The load uses a 175 grain bullet that makes 1,160 fps from the barrel. Previous to this, the company did not list a 10mm load in its catalog in the Critical Duty line, but made a Cabella’s Exclusive load that used the same bullet. The Cabella’s only round was a bit slower at only 1,050 fps.

Black Rain Ordnance BRO-MXM Stock
Black Rain Ordnance CQB stock

Black Rain Ordnance is now offering a PDW-style stock for AR-pattern rifles. The new stock weighs 18 ounces and shrinks down to less than 5.5″ when collapsed. Instead of needing a proprietary bolt carrier group, the Black Rain Ordnance stock uses a JP Silent Capture Spring system. This is full auto friendly.

G2 Research Civic Duty Ammunition
Civic Duty ammo

The newest round from G2 Research is called the Civic Duty. This cartridge uses an all copper bullet that is designed to penetrate hard barriers and provide 2.5x expansion in soft tissue. According to the company, the bullet is 100 grains and is moving at 1,230 fps when leaving the muzzle.

Liberty Ammunition .308 Win
Liberty Ammo 308

Liberty Ammunition is announcing a new .308 Win load at the NASGW show. This load uses a 100 grain projectile that is moving at more than 3,500 fps.

Meprolight R4E Sights
Meprolight R4E

Meprolight is showing the new R4E night sights at the show this week. The sights have five different glowing parts that are supposed to help with rapid target acquisition and sight alignment. Personally, I think they are too complicated for the eye to easily use under extreme stress. I could be wrong. MSRP will be $174.75.

Ravenwood ARP
Ravenwood ARP

Ravenwood International is now offering a polymer and aluminum chassis for the Ruger Charger pistol. The systems give the Charger an AR-pistol look and feel while maintaining the ability to use standard 10- and 25-round 10/22 magazines. These will sell for about $120 (retail.)

Hornady American Gunner Rifle Ammo
American Gunner Rifle

Hornady introduced rifle ammunition in the American Gunner line. Previously, the line was only handgun ammo. The new loads use match bullets making them good for target, competition and varmint hunting. The initial calibers will be in .223, .300 BLK, 6.8 SPC and .308 Win. These will ship in 50 round boxes.

Schmeisser Cleaning Oils
Schmeisser Cleaning Solvent Oil

In addition to the new SLP-9 pistol, Schmeisser plans on introducing new cleaning solvents and oils to the US market. Instead of trying to produce a single oil that claims to do everything, Schmeisser has a series of four products that are each designed to address a specific need. For example, the foam bore cleaner is formulated to remove copper. As it works, the foam changes color. When it is blue, it has stripped the copper from the barrel. I’ve got a set for evaluation and will let you know how they work.

Show Information

The NASGW Expo is a trade show that is geared for member manufacturers to interact with distributors and members of the media. It is not intended for small retailers, and it is not open to the public.

For those that may be attending, this is a business environment and is not like the circus known as the SHOT Show. The SHOT Show is great and has its place. However, the NASGW Expo is very much a business oriented trade show.

The 2015 Expo will be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. The convention center is located along the Mississippi River and a short drive from I-10. Below is a map on how to find the convention center if you will be attending.

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